Mar 212016

Sky will be increasing their subscription prices on the 1st June 2016.

As per the T&Cs of your Sky contract the subscription prices can be increased by up to 10% per year.

But they rarely do increase by the full 10%.

And this year, probably to help keep subscribers happy, all subscribers will have access to a new sports channel, Sky Sports Mix.


Sky Bundle Package Price Increases.

Sky Original Bundle
•Going up by: £1-£2.50 (depending on current price paid)
•New monthly price: £22.50 (new customers get £20 deal)

Sky Variety Bundle
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £32

Sky Family Bundle
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £38

Sky Q
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £44

Sky Q Silver
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £56
Premium Packages

Sky Movies
•Going up by: £1
•New monthly price: £18

Sky Sports
•Going up by: £2
•New monthly price: £27.50

Top tier (Sky Sports and Sky Movies)
•Going up by: £1.50
•New monthly price: £36

Sports HD Pack
•Going up by: 75p
•New monthly price: £6

•Going up by: 75p
•New monthly price: £12


Sky Movies subscribers will no longer have to subscribe to the HD pack to watch the Sky Movie channels in HD.



Mar 152015

Sky has announced it is ‘changing’ its satellite TV subscription prices in June.

Notes on the the Sky TV sign-up pages on the Sky website advise new subscribers that Sky TV prices are changing on the 1st June.
Interestingly it does not say if subscription prices for current Sky subscribers will also increase in June.
Subscribers are advised that as part of Sky’s terms and conditions, Sky may “increase prices by up to 10%” during a minimum contract term.

No further details about the amount of the price change, or if there will be changes to the Sky package bundles as a result of these price changes.

Sky recently paid a record amount to retain Premier League football rights through to 2019, which heightened fears among fans about price changes.

Jul 012014

Sky’s subscriptions – annual price increase.

Letters have been issued to all subscribers UK address showing the new prices.

New prices from 1st September 2014 are:

The Original Bundle £ 21.50
The Variety Bundle £ 28.00
The Family Bundle £ 33.00
The Movies Bundle £ 38.00
The Sports Bundle £ 46.00
The Complete Bundle £ 71.25

Original £21.50 (was £21.50) = NO CHANGE
Variety £28.00 (was £27.00) = UP 3.7%
Family £33.00 (was £32.00) = UP 3.1%

Sports Pack £24.50 (was £22.00) = UP 11.4%
Movies Pack £16.50 (was £16.00) = UP 3.1%

Complete Bundle (ie Family + Sports + Movies) £71.25 (was £67.25) = UP 5.9%

Sports Bundle (ie Original + Sports) £46.00 (was £43.50) = UP 5.7%
Movies Bundle (ie Original + Movies) £38.00 (was £37.50) = UP 1.3%

Family + Sports £57.50 (was £54.00) = UP 6.5%

Jun 272014

Sky Television prices to rise in September 2014

The television giant will increase subscription prices for some customers by ‘up to 10% on September 1st 2014
The rises are likely to be nearer a 2.5% increase. A spokesman for Sky said the rises will not apply to all subscribers. Letters will be posted in July detailing the planned subscription increases to customers affected.

Jun 302013

Sky TV usually increase their Pay TV subscription prices in September of each year.

A few years ago there was a price freeze.

This year, it will be interesting to see what increases there will be, in light of their current battle with BT Sport.

However, if the rumours are true these are what the increases are:

Sky Entertainment…no change

Sky Entertainment Extra or Extra + will rise by £1.50p

Sky Sports 1 or 2 …no change

Sky Sports 1 and 2 will rise by £1

Multiroom will rise by £1

All movie packages….no change

HD pack….no change