Feb 272015

This weeks satellite TV news – 27 February 2015

Our weekly round up of the latest satellite TV news, including news about Sky TV in Spain, Freesat in Spain, UK TV in Spain, Spanish TV in Spain, and Internet IPTV in Spain.

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Feb 202015

This weeks satellite TV news – 20 February 2015

Our weekly round up of the latest satellite TV news, including news about Sky TV in Spain, Freesat in Spain, UK TV in Spain, Spanish TV in Spain, and Internet IPTV in Spain.

Latest news can be found at

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Feb 132015

This weeks satellite TV news – 13 February 2015

Our weekly round up of the latest satellite TV news, including news about Sky TV in Spain, Freesat in Spain, UK TV in Spain, Spanish TV in Spain, and Internet IPTV in Spain.

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Sep 282014

Autumn Sport on Sky Sports – Trailer

Autumn Sport on Sky Sports – Trailer

Barclays Premier League
Champions League
European Rugby
ATP World Finals
Rugby Autumn Internationals
Cricket – England Tour of Sri Lanka
Cricket World Cup
Formula One

Sky Sports in Spain : Sports F1 in Spain :

Live Sport on Sky Sports :

Apr 182014

Our news and free help and advice forum at
UK Satellite TV Installations:

There are 11 subscription free HD TV channels available via satellite, including BBC1HD, BBC2HD, BBC3HD, BBC4HD, ITV1HD and C4HD.
Much better image resolution on a HD TV than a TV rebroadcaster or internet IPTV system!

Satellite Dish Installations in my service area (Calpe to Valencia) :

a 100x110cm (1.1m) satellite dish will work for people with limited space. Standard installation of this dish is from 200 euros.

a 125x135cm (1.25/1.35m) satellite dish would provide better reception and is the “recommended” dish for my area. Standard installation of this dish of from 275 euros.

More information on our 125x135cm (1.25/1.35m) satellite dish installations:
Wall of Shame – we have updated our Wall Of Shame’s fourth page to show some of the poor installations we have come across and been asked to fix.
Astra 2C : UK TV moves into position for back up purposes – and if some UK TV channels do move on to Astra 2C then there should be no worries about reception in Spain, due it its very generous footprint.


Live sport on Sky Sports this Easter


F1 : Chinese Grand Prix:
Live on Sky Sports, BeIN SPorts, Antenna 3.
Highlights on BBC Sport

2014 Snooker World Championships – coverage on BBC One and Eurosport

Full 24: Live Another Day Trailer – On Sky One in May!

Mar 192013

Sky have started to roll out a software update in the last few days.

Initially this software will be deployed to Sky DRX890 and DRX895 digiboxes.

Amongst the updates, is a change to the “Auto standby” mode.

Auto Standby, is the mode that puts your Sky digibox into “Standby” should the box  be left on a channel for so many hours without a button being pressed on the remote control. This, the Sky digibox assumes, means their is no one watching the box. And so, the Sky digibox will power down into Standby mode.

Standby mode is shown on the Sky digibox, as the “on / off” lights will be orange.

This new update allows you to put the box in “Eco” mode.

So instead of powering down into “Standby” mode, the Sky digibox will power down to “Eco” mode, and will automatically put your Sky digibox box into RED standby mode overnight if you don’t have any recordings scheduled. Supposedly this saves more in power than leaving your box in “Orange” Standby mode.

However while the box is in this state it is essentially turned off an no recordings will take place.

You can change this option in the Sky digibox menu system.

Sky box New Eco Mode

Sky box New Eco Mode



Mar 032013

If you lose channels for the next 2 weeks at around 10-11 am for a few minutes then this is normal for this time of year.

Basically the sun is right behind the satellites, and the energy from the sun will swamp out the weaker satellite signals.

There is nothing you can do about it, as it can even affect “big dishes” also.

Rebooting the box will not help – apart from killing time until the signal returns again

It does not happen on ALL channels, as some are stronger than others.

This loss of signal happens twice a year in March and October – around the time of the equinoxes.

Feb 282013

If you have experienced a power cut and are having problems rebooting your Sky HD Box in this storm we are having, then you may have to help your Sky HD box to boot up.

You may need to do the reset after un plugging – Standard / HD SKY Receiver reset:

Should you experience a power cut or message “No Satellite Signal Being Received” please follow these easy instructions to reset the Sky HD Box (for High Definition Boxes)

1. Unplug the box from the power for 15 seconds, then reapply the power.

2. On the remote press SERVICES

3. On the remote press 0 0 1 SELECT

4. You have now be looking at the installer setup menu

5. On the remote press RIGHT to go to TXPONDER / Default Transponder

6. Press DOWN on the remote to go to the first line.

7. Change the frequency (the first number) from 11778 to another using the number buttons on the remote control.

You can use a number of different frequencies – there is no “exclusive” one that you use.
Popular ones are 12207, 12051, 12285, 11817.

8. Press the GREEN button on the remote to “Save New Settings”.

8. Press the SKY button on the remote control and wait while the box download the channel list.

9. The information bamnner should populate with details for Sky Info Channel 998 – although you may not receive this actual channels, you can make sure your other channels are there by trying 501 Sky News.

In February 2015, the 11778 frequency moved satellites and to a stronger, easier to receive beam. So you should no longer have to change the Sky Digiboxes default transponder frequency setting from 11778, as this 11778 frequency is nice and stronger than ever.

However, some people are unaware that they no longer have to change any of the default transponder frequency settings on a Sky digibox.

And as a result are now finding that they are having problems with their sky digibox booting up.

This is because people have been using 12207 V 27.5 2/3 as a default transponder frequency. However, this frequency is no longer a valid working frequency. And so when the Sky Digibox is booted up, the box is trying and failing to receive its data from an incorrect frequency. And so it appears as if the Sky digibox is broken.

Simply by changing the default transponder frequency setting back to the correct 11778 V 27.5 2/3 , the digibox can now download the channel list, and starts to function correctly.

Feb 202013

Sky TV has introduced a new basic tier TV subscription designed to drive uptake of its 3D channel.

Entertainment Extra + will offer subscribers access to 3D entertainment content such as Galapagos via the linear Sky 3D channel and on-demand service.

3D sports and film content will be blocked for Entertainment Extra + customers – remaining accessible only by the broadcaster’s top tier Sky World subscribers.

The £31.50 per month pack, which launches in April, sits alongside the existing Entertainment and Entertainment Extra packs and also includes access to 45 HD channels.

Currently subscribers to the Entertainment and Entertainment Extra packs, who pay £21.50 and £26.50 per month respectively, must pay an additional £10.25 for access to the HD channels but this will be cut to £5.25 from April.

As part of the changes Sky will move its archive library of shows exclusively onto the new Entertainment Extra + pack.

Sky’s brand director of TV products Luke Bradley-Jones said in a blog post that the new pack was designed to convert SD homes into 3D and HD homes.

Feb 192013

You can use a Sky TV subscription card from the UK in Spain so that you can watch all your Sky TV and British TV channels in Spain.

However, if you use a Sky card in a different Sky box, then for some Sky TV channels, like Sky Sports and Sky Movies, then you will be unable to watch these channels. You will get the “This is the wrong card for this set top box” error message on the screen.

Using our satellite receiver, you can now watch Sky Sports and Sky Movie channels in your holiday home, without the need for “pairing” the card with Sky TV.

For more information see:

* Update : Due to changes in security, Sky Sports, Sky Movies, and Sky HD channels are no longer available to watch on “non Sky” digibxoes