May 122014

Rupert Murdoch is reportedly looking to combine British Sky Broadcasting Group with Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland.

Bloomberg broke the news about a possible combination of the three main European Sky platforms quoting anonymous sources.

The transaction that would transform British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc (BSY) into a European satellite-TV giant.

BSkyB, partly owned by Fox, is working on a deal valued at about 10 billion euros ($14 billion) to acquire control of satellite carriers Sky Deutschland AG (SKYD) and Sky Italia from Fox, according to people with knowledge of the matter. At the moment, Murdoch holds a 39% stake in BSkyB, while Fox holds 55% of Sky Deutschland and 100% of Sky Italia.

A deal would give BSkyB, already the biggest pay-TV provider in the U.K., oversight of companies that sell satellite programming to 8.5 million homes across Germany and Italy.

In the UK, Sky had 15 million subscribers at the end of March 2014, while Sky D had 3.73 million subscribers, and Sky Italia had 4.75 million. A combined Sky Europe would serve around 23.5 million customers, but such a deal would almost certainly spark the interest of European regulators.

Sep 212013

Time again to clarify some of more of the incorrect rumours and untruths about the future of satellite TV in Europe and about the so called “Big Switch Off” of UK TV in Spain.

Again, as mentioned before in my blogs ( ) , these “rumours” are coming from some (not all I hasten to add!) sellers of IPTV / Internet TV systems.

One such incorrect rumour that has been doing the rounds, and even spread on a Expat Radio Stations here in Spain, is that:

“All BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5 TV channels etc. will disappear from the SKY platform at end of October beginning November. None of these channels will physically reach Europe mainland via Satellite.”

This is incorrect.

a) BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5 TV channels etc will not disappear from Sky – or Freesat.
These UKTV channels will still be on those Digital Satellite systems.
Why would these channels be removed from the most popular Digital TV services ?

b) “None of these channels will physically reach Europe mainland via Satellite.”

This is incorrect.
They will reach Europe mainland via Satellite.
The beams may be more focused on the UK, but there will be satellite signal overspill into other areas, just like there has been signal overspill into Europe for the last 20 plus years

In fact, in some areas of Spain you can and should still be able to receive these UK TV channels (BBC1HD, ITV1HD, C4HD, Channel Five) on a 1m satellite dish from the first new satellite, Astra 2F, that has been operating since December 2012.

Also, the official SES Astra predicted signal footprint map (seen here ) for the new UK TV satellites says that its beams can be received in most of France on a 60cm dish.

Last time I checked France was in mainland Europe.
So in fact these channels will physically reach Europe mainland via Satellite, contrary to what these IPTV / Internet TV sellers claim.

Some IPTV / Internet TV sellers are confusing people by misrepresenting the aforementioned official SES Astra signal footprint map.


The map shows SES Astra’s prediction of their new satellites UK beam for users with a 45cm satellite dish and 60cm satellite dish. As you can see the Astra 2E satellites UK beam should be available to more than half of France if you are using a 60cm satellite dish.

However, some IPTV / Internet TV sellers are using this as a basis for their misrepresentations by saying anyone outside that “60cm satellite dish” contour will not be able to receive ANY signals at all. This is incorrect. Just because the map does not show data outside that 60cm dish contour, does not mean that no signals will be available in those areas.

The map shows no data for people in other areas using larger dishes, simply because either Astra do not know themselves, or they simply have decided not to publish that information. There will be signal overspill into areas not covered by the contours on the map.

In fact, this Astra 2E map is exactly the same map used for Astra 2F. And like I said before, many areas of Spain can receive this Astra 2F signal on a minimum 1m satellite dish – in areas where these IPTV / Internet TV / Smart TV sellers say it is impossible.

So you can see, even though the maps do not show any data about reception in Spain, it does not mean there will be no signals from the new satellite in Spain, as proven by the reception of the first new satellite, despite what some of the IPTV / Internet TV / Smart TV sellers are saying is fact.

Yes, some areas will be affected more than other areas. Some may find that they can still use smaller 1m and 1.25m and 1.4m satellite dishes in Spain for reception of their UK TV . Yes, some areas, like the Costa del Sol, may have to increase the size of their satellite dishes, and use 1.8m or 2.4m satellite dishes, just like the Costa Blanca has had to use for the last 10plus years.

Until the new Astra 2E satellite has been launched, expected around the 30th September 2013 ( ) , tested (which will take place at another location in the skies), positioned at 28 east along with the other UK TV satellites, and is transmitting signals from that location, no-one will know for sure what reception will be like in Spain, and Europe, or what sized satellite dishes you will need to receive these signals in Spain and Europe.

And it is this uncertainty that some Smart TV / IPTV / Internet TV “sellers” are trying to confuse and scaremonger people into buying system which they either

a) may not need as their existing satellite equipment may work perfectly well.


b) need to upgrade to a larger sized satellite dish that they currently have.

At least if you are in a good satellite signal area, then you will be able to watch your favourite BBC1, ITV1 C4 channels in full HD , subscription free, with no buffering, something which internet tv / iptv / Smart tv systems simply cannot handle at the moment.

Feb 282013

If you have experienced a power cut and are having problems rebooting your Sky HD Box in this storm we are having, then you may have to help your Sky HD box to boot up.

You may need to do the reset after un plugging – Standard / HD SKY Receiver reset:

Should you experience a power cut or message “No Satellite Signal Being Received” please follow these easy instructions to reset the Sky HD Box (for High Definition Boxes)

1. Unplug the box from the power for 15 seconds, then reapply the power.

2. On the remote press SERVICES

3. On the remote press 0 0 1 SELECT

4. You have now be looking at the installer setup menu

5. On the remote press RIGHT to go to TXPONDER / Default Transponder

6. Press DOWN on the remote to go to the first line.

7. Change the frequency (the first number) from 11778 to another using the number buttons on the remote control.

You can use a number of different frequencies – there is no “exclusive” one that you use.
Popular ones are 12207, 12051, 12285, 11817.

8. Press the GREEN button on the remote to “Save New Settings”.

8. Press the SKY button on the remote control and wait while the box download the channel list.

9. The information bamnner should populate with details for Sky Info Channel 998 – although you may not receive this actual channels, you can make sure your other channels are there by trying 501 Sky News.

In February 2015, the 11778 frequency moved satellites and to a stronger, easier to receive beam. So you should no longer have to change the Sky Digiboxes default transponder frequency setting from 11778, as this 11778 frequency is nice and stronger than ever.

However, some people are unaware that they no longer have to change any of the default transponder frequency settings on a Sky digibox.

And as a result are now finding that they are having problems with their sky digibox booting up.

This is because people have been using 12207 V 27.5 2/3 as a default transponder frequency. However, this frequency is no longer a valid working frequency. And so when the Sky Digibox is booted up, the box is trying and failing to receive its data from an incorrect frequency. And so it appears as if the Sky digibox is broken.

Simply by changing the default transponder frequency setting back to the correct 11778 V 27.5 2/3 , the digibox can now download the channel list, and starts to function correctly.