May 182017

Sky Movies / Cinema and Nat Geo channels removed from Sky Cardsharing today

Three more frequencies have had their encryption upgraded and channel on those frequencies are now no longer available on Sky UK card sharing systems.

This morning all Sky Cinema channels, and National Geographic channels ceased on card sharing systems.

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Apr 252017

Two more frequencies closed by Sky from cardshare networks

Reports this morning say that two more frequencies have had their encryption security updated by Sky, removing the channels on these frequencies from cardshare networks.

These are the second batch of frequencies to be affected, after the first batch were removed from cardshare late march ( ) .

The latest batch of frequencies and channels affected by the change to “Icam” encryption are as follows:
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Mar 292017

Is Sky UK Cardsharing coming to an end ?

During this past week, people using cardshare systems to access their Sky pay channels, have been losing some of their channels.

8 channels, all are on the same transponder, are currently not clearing and are blank on cardsharing systems.

The channels affected are :

Astra 2F 12148 H 27500

Sky Atlantic
Sky Living +1
Sky sports 4
Sky sports news HQ
Eurosport 1

are currently showing “scrambled” messages when trying to access these channels on this one frequency on cardsharing systems.

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Mar 232016

Earlier this week Sky UK announced their 2016 price increase and package changes.

As part of those changes it was announced that from the 1st June, all Sky Movies subscribers would be able to view and record Sky Movie channels in HD, without the need to take out the extra “HD” subscription.

A nice “bonus” for people who have the movie channels, but not in HD. And it makes sense with the likes of Netflix and Amazon offering films in HD as standard.

However, those people who are still using an SD sky digibox will have to upgrade to a new Sky HD digibox to be able to take up this option.

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Jan 082016

Reports this past few week suggest that Sky Italia is currently down on satellite cardsharing systems.
Cardsharing is a system where you can link one viewing card to a network of receivers, usually paying customers via the internet, to enable the viewing of pay tv channel without an official viewing card.

As cardsharing, the sale or and use of, is illegal, pay TV channels are always trying to improve their security to try and prevent this.

The reports from Italy are that Sky Italia have changed their encryption algorithm. This change has meant the loss of Sky Italia channel on cardsharing systems.
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Sep 132015

Sky’s subscriber base is expected to overtake Liberty Global’s in Western Europe in 2017, according to new research by Digital TV Research.
The Western Europe Pay TV Operator Forecasts report claims that Liberty Global’s subscriber count will fall in the coming years as it tries to convert its remaining analogue cable subscribers by 2020, with some expected to be lost to other digital platforms.

Sky Europe on the other hand – which comprises assets in Austria, Germany, Italy, Ireland and the UK – is tipped to grow its satellite subscriber base.
According to the research, Sky’s subscriber numbers will climb from 10.44 million in 2014 to 18.36 million in 2020, while Liberty Global’s customer base will drop from 18.98 million subscribers in 2014 to 17.49 million in 2020.
Across the 66 operators in 15 countries covered by the report – representing just under 90% of Western European pay TV subscribers – total pay TV subscriptions are tipped to increase from 82.0 million in 2010 to 93.1 million by 2020.
However, only 36 (55%) of these operators will add to subscribers between 2014 and 2020, said the report.
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Oct 082014

Cardsharing is an method of sharing one subscription to multiple satellite receivers via the internet.

As pay TV companies increase their subscriptions, these systems have become more and more popular.

Cardsharing on the Costa Blanca and Spain is rife, with many installers and well known distributors offering these systems – usually without informing the clients about the pitfalls of these systems.

Earlier this year, card sharing systems lost the Sky Italia HD channels due to new encryption and security.

This was then moved to Sky UK, and the Sky HD channels were lost to the card sharing system. But installers still offered these systems, with some still advertising “Full Sky HD” on these system, when clearly all the Sky HD channels are not available.

As we reported:


It was thought that the SD Sky channels would be safe.

However, this week SD channels have started to be lost from the Sky Italia card sharing systems.

Although one or two SD Sky Italia channels are still clearing, many of them are “blocked” or “scrambled”.

The question is, how long will it be before Sky UK follow Sky Italia’s lead, and the Sky UK channels are lost on these cardsharing systems.


May 202014

Further to our last Sky cardshare post ( ) today more Sky HD channels were removed from card sharing systems.

Today Sky Premier HD, Sky Disney HD, and Sky SciFi / Horror HD were added to the list, as Sky improve their channel encryption and security to combat their channels appearing on cardshare systems.

And still installers on the Costa Blanca are advertising, offering and installing “the full sky hd package” for 25 euros per month.


The list of channels removed from card share systems currently stands at:

Sky 1 HD
Sky Premier HD
Sky Atlantic HD
Sky SciFi / Horror HD
Sky Disney HD
Sky Living HD
Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD
National Geographic UK HD
History HD
Crime HD
NAT Geo Wild HD





Mar 272014

Game of Thrones season 4’s first episode will be simulcast in the UK and US.

The news was confirmed by Sky at the launch of the new run, with the broadcaster revealing that the show will be screened in the middle of the night on Sky Atlantic, coinciding with the US East Coast airing.

Game of Thrones begins its fourth season on HBO on Sunday, April 6 at 9pm ET.

This will mean it will air in the UK at 2am on Monday, April 7.

The episode will also still be shown at 9pm on Monday as usual.