Jun 052016

Are you actually making the most of your Sky set-top? Really?

Sky continues to bolster your Sky+HD digibox with all manner of new features and functions. But there are some features which you may find handy, but did not know about.


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Feb 212016

Catch Up and On Demand on a Sky+HD Digibox in Spain

If you try to use the UK TV iPlayer Catch-up TV services on a Freesat set top box or a Sky+HD digibox in Spain from a country other than the UK and ROI, you will be blocked from viewing content.

This is because the UK TV iPlayer Catch-up TV content will only be made available to users connecting to the internet using a UK server. This is controlled by checking the IP address for your internet connection.

Your Spanish IP address will be blocked, so UK TV iPlayer Catch-up TV content will NOT be available to you on your Freesat set top box or a Sky+HD digibox in Spain.

This is because the UK TV iPlayer Catch-up TV content will only be made available to users connecting to the internet using a UK server.

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Feb 212016

Single Feed Mode on a Sky+HD digibox (2016)

This video shows you how to set your Sky+HD digibox to operate on one cable input using Single Feed Mode.

A Sky+HD digibox is ideally to be used with two cable feeds from your satellite dish. This allows you to use the full potential of your Sky+HD box, and allows you to watch one channel and record another at the same time.

However, in some cases, especially in community satellite installations, it may not be possible to have a second cable feeding your Sky+HD box.

So you have to set your Sky+HD digibox to “Single Feed Mode” to tell they Sky+HD digibox that you are only using one feed.

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Feb 212015

As posted previously ( and ) users of Sky+HD digiboxes have been suffering from some problems. These Sky+HD problems include digiboxes freezing and locking up, slow response to remote control commands, and slow loading Sky Guide and Planner details.

Today Sky released another statement acknowledging the problems, and that they have “found out what’s causing the problem” and that they are “busy working to fix this now”.


If you have a Sky+HD box in your home, we know you may have had some problems recently and we’re sorry that you may have experienced any of the following:
•Your TV Guide listings have been slow to update.
•Series Links have stopped working causing problems recording future episodes of your favourite shows.
•If you own a Pace or Samsung Sky+HD box it may have become unresponsive.

You can temporarily fix these problems yourself by following the steps in our Problems with your TV Guide and Series Link article.

We’ve found out what’s causing the problem and we’re busy working to fix this now. We know this has been frustrating for you. We’ll give you an update as soon as we have any more information to share, this will be early next week.

In the ean time, they say you can temporarily fix the problems your self by unplugging and rebooting your Sky+HD box.

Feb 172015

Sky have released a statement with regards to a very common problem that is occurring on some of their sky+HD digiboxes.

The problem is where the boxes simply lock, freeze and become unresponsive.

The advice is to simply reboot the Sky+HD box.

However, some users are doing this three or four times a day.

But Sky say, in a statement, they are working on the problem


Unresponsive Sky+HD boxes | 16 February 2015

We’re aware of an intermittent problem with some of our Pace and Samsung Sky+HD boxes. The problem causes the box to freeze or become unresponsive. If this happens to your Sky box, you can fix the problem by rebooting your box and checking your cables.

We’re working hard on a permanent fix and since our last update we’ve been carrying out in-depth testing to find the root cause. We’re still working on this and we’ll provide further updates when we have more information.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Feb 062015

Over the last few days, Sky+HD users may have noticed that their series links are not updating as they should. Series Link is a function that enables Sky customers to schedule and record every episode of a particular series.

And you may also have seen ‘No Listings’ or ‘Searching for listings’ messages displayed when you open the TV Guide.

Both of these issues have been caused by a technical problem which Sky are working to fix as soon as possible. Sky have even posted an announcement admitting there are “technical issues” that they are working on.

Users may be able to solve the problem by performing a reboot of your Sky+HD digibox –

(reboot your digibox process:
put the box into standby mode,
disconnect the power cable from the back of the digibox for 15 seconds, then reapply the power cable
wait for the box to boot up – takes about 2 minutes
the Sky Guide should repopulate, and hopefully series links in the planner also)

A Sky Planner rebuild may also solve the problem.

However, note that a full system reset will wipe all recordings from your Sky Planner.

May 012014

As mentioned before ( ) Sky have been rolling out a new look “homepage” for their Sky+HD digiboxes.

The rollout to all customers with a compatible Sky+HD box started in March 2014 and will be completed by June 2014.

The new Sky+ Homepage will make it easier than ever before to find all of Sky’s amazing content.

Some of the advanced features of the new look Sky+HD homepage do require internet access, and require a UK IP address through a UK VPN service like Hidemyass to work fully.


Sep 252013

Sky HD Thomson box users may be seeing a warning message on their screen, saying that they can receive from Sky a free replacement SKY+HD box at no extra cost.

Obviously this only applies to Sky users in the UK, as users in Spain will simply not be eligible to receive these boxes directly from Sky.

Why are Sky doing this?

Well Thomson Sky+HD boxes have been known for not exactly being the most reliable Sky+HD boxes. In fact it has been said that this is one reason why Sky bough the Amstrad set top box division, and are now making their own “Sky” branded boxes.

As a result Sky have also stopped updating the software in these Thomson Sky+HD boxes.

This means that Thomson Sky+HD boxes will soon lose the ability to view encrypted HD channels, as the software currently loaded into Thomson Sky+HD boxes is not compatible with the new Sky encryption software. This new software is also rumoured to accompany a Sky card change in the enar future, again to increase security to try and reduce Piracy and cardsharing.

One of these changes to the Sky encryption is the introduction of another level of “Sky Card Pairing”, which uses not only the Sky+HD digibox serial number, but also a number generated by the Sky box, the “Receiver ID”.

As a result of this, if you ae a Sky subscriber, and using a Thomson Sky+HD box, you may find that soon (1st October is rumoured!) that you will no longer be able to view your Sky Sports, Sky Movies, and Sky HD channels on your Thomson Sky+HD box.

So you will need to get a new Sky+HD box, and get your Sky card “Paired” to that new receiver should you wish to continue to view your Sky premium channels.

This is also a good warning for anyone looking to buy a Sky+HD box from the internet like from Ebay or Amazon. The boxes may suffice for the basic “free to air” channels like BBC, ITV, C4 and Fives, but may not be able to work in the future with Sky card and Sky pay channels.

Aug 242013

Sky UK recently announced that they will be launching a new version of their Sky+HD digibox, which is expected to be available from early September 2013.

The new Sky+HD Digibox, the DRX890W will have built-in / integrated wireless internet connection as standard, and has a “WPS” button to help wifi connection.

Initially the new Sky+HD digibox will become the version offered to new Sky HD subscribers, and to targeted groups of customers who don’t yet have Sky+HD boxes.

So far Sky+HD users have had to connect their box to their router via Ethernet and Ethernet cable, sometimes meaning running cables around rooms to ensure the connection. With the new Sky+HD Wi-Fi-enabled digibox, Sky+HD users will only have to ensure theat their Sky+HD Wi-Fi-enabled digibox is located in an area capable of receiving a Wifi signal.

The new Sky+HD Wi-Fi-enabled digibox will no longer have the RF port (Aerial in and RF1/RF2 Out), which may prove a disappointment for anyone who use a “Sky Magic Eye” RF system to output the pictures to other TVs using coaxial cables.

Reports suggest that there will be two versions of the Sky+HD Wi-Fi-enabled digibox – a 500GB and a 2TB version.

It is unknown when these boxes will be made available to buy in Spain and Europe, and at what price.