Jan 022021

After reading a number of questions, inaccurate answers and “scaremongering” on the internet and social media over the last few days, I hope this will help understand what changes are going to happen when watching UK TV in Spain post Brexit.

UK Streaming Services in Spain post Brexit

Since 2018, UK residents travelling within the EU were able to keep watching their UK streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, SkyGo, NOW TV , Britbox UK and ITV Hub without the need for a VPN or Smart DNS service as part of the EUs “Digital Single Market” and “portability” rules.

These rules allowed short stayers like holiday makers, travelling from one EU country to another EU country would be able to access the same streaming video library they’re subscribed to at home without the need to “hide your ip address” or the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) / Smart DNS (SDNS) services.
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Mar 082017

Man gets £250k fine for selling ‘fully loaded’ Kodi boxes to pubs in the Uk

A MILLIONAIRE businessman who sold illegal digital television boxes has narrowly avoided jail.

Malcolm Mayes, a 65 year old from Hartlepool, who spends much of his time in Spain after moving there in 2001 running various businesses, pleaded guilty at Teesside Crown Court to two charges and was given two ten-month prison sentence suspended for 12 months to run concurrently, and was ordered to pay £170,000 legal costs to Hartlepool Borough Council and an £80,000 confiscation order.

Mr Mayes admitted selling devices designed, produced or adapted for the purpose of enabling or facilitating the circumvention of effective technological measures between March 1, 2012 and November 30, 2014 and advertising for sale such devices between January 1 and November 30, 2014.
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Sep 012016

Makes of popular satellite receivers being used in Spain are the Vu, Vu Duo+, Openbox, Skybox, GI and Iberosat.

Why are they popular? Well because they are used to card share, offer cheap access to pay TV channels from the likes of Sky UK.

Obviously these systems are highly illegally a fact which many “installers” of these system in Spain fail to tell their clients when installing them.

However a recent development means that users of these satellite receivers may soon lose all their Sky pay channels!! Again, something which installers in Spain are not mentioning to their clients.

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Jan 162016

Netflix says it is taking steps to ensure its users are only able to access the service in the country where they currently are.

Following Netflix announcement its services would be available almost worldwide, and the reaction of VPN providers offering ways to access all Netflix content rather than just locally available programming, the streaming service said it was taking steps to make sure subscribers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are.

David Fullagar, VP of Content Delivery Architecture, wrote “If all of our content were globally available, there wouldn’t be a reason for members to use proxies or ‘unblockers’ to fool our systems into thinking they’re in a different country than they’re actually in.

“We are making progress in licensing content across the world and, as of last week, now offer the Netflix service in 190 countries, but we have a ways to go before we can offer people the same films and TV series everywhere.
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Dec 142015

There have today been changed for Channel Five on satellite.

As we reported a few weeks ago –

Channel Five used to operate a number of different regional variations of Channel Five for different advertising in different regions of the UK. These advertising differences were stopped during mid 2015. And today there is now only one version, not the 5 regional versions, of Channel Five operating.

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Dec 092015

Consumers who subscribe to TV, sports and film services – from Sky Sports to Netflix – will be able to access them when they travel within Europe under proposed new EU rules.

Under the proposals, part of the European Commissions’s digital single-market strategy, Europeans will be able to access every media service they subscribe to in their home country while “temporarily abroad”.

The rules give freedom to roam during a ‘temporary’ residence in another EU country, to prevent people from exploiting national boundaries to access cheaper content on a permanent basis.
The EC’s proposals rather vaguely define the time period a consumer can access their subscriptions as while they are “temporarily abroad”.

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Aug 152015

Spanish telco Telefónica has unveiled its Spanish football programming line-up but has yet to strike a deal with Catalan broadcaster Mediapro to carry its BeIN Sports channel, giving it access to European Champions League and Europa League matches as well as coverage of European and international leagues.

The Liga Adelante offering on Telefónica’s Movistar+ service will include coverage of La Liga matches in HD, with 11 fixtures daily to be aired on the Canal+ Liga.
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Aug 102015

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE has reached an agreement to air one La Liga and one Copa del Rey match every week., So there will be some Spanish football available free-to-air (FTA),with the majority of other matches being shown on one of the many pay tv services.

RTVEs deal with La Liga enables RTVE to broadcast two games per week, in “an effort to make football available for the whole audience,” according to the network.
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Jul 042015

When areas of southern Spain and Portugal lost access to the free to air signals carrying BBC and ITV due to the changes in satellite footprints caused by Astra replacing their old satellite with new satellites, some expats turned to the Intelsat 907 and BBC SATBACK system to continue to receive their UK TV channels.

Essentially the BBC SATBACK system is run by Arqiva and is there as an emergency back up should the links for the Freeview TV system in the UK fail. If there is a failure in the Freeview distribution network, then the main UK TV channels can still be transmitted on Freeview by using these satellite feeds instead.
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Jun 242015

New 4k UHDTVs may not be good or powerful enough to deliver the content!

In order to get the maximum in image quality, the frame rate needs to be quite high.

Yet some UHTVs may only be able to run at a very low frame rate.

According to Trusted Reviews:

Unfortunately, a standard 4K TV still might not be enough. Yesterday, Sky’s chief engineer revealed many UHD TVs would not be able to handle 4K sports content. That’s because many 4K TVs are only powerful enough to transmit UHD content at 25fps, while sports content needs to be broadcast at much higher frame rates – possibly up to 100fps.

It’s not clear which TV sets will be compatible with BT’s new 4K channel, or with Sky’s UHD set top boxjust yet.

Jun 202015

Non-BT broadband customers who want to watch the full set of BT Sport channels from August via Sky will need to pay at least £19.99 a month for the privilege.

Until now, BT Sport on Sky has been available to the majority of non-BT broadband customers for £13.50 a month.

BT Sport from August this will increase to £19.99.


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Jun 172015

Nothing is 100% certain at the moment but there are reports that a number of frequencies and channels moved to the new Astra 2G satellite over night.
This was slightly unexpected, as it was thought that they would remain on Astra 2E and Astra 2F.
However, it may be that they needed to move to help “spread the load” over the three Astra satellites.

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Jun 122015

Spain’s Supreme Court will meet on June 23 to decide on whether to order the closure of eight DTT channels.

According to El Economista, the decision, which result in a huge blow for Mediaset and Atresmedia, the country’s two leading broadcasters, has caused a confrontation between by vice president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria and José Manuel Soria, the industry minister.

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Apr 292015

As we mentioned on this blog earlier, ( ) today ITV2HD and ITV4HD joined ITV3HD on the Uk beam.

Sky boxes were mapped over to the new frequency at around midday today.

This has meant that expats in some areas may have lost their ITV32HD and ITV4HD channels.
Some expats relied on ITV2HDs repeats for their soaps (Corrie and Emmerdale), but from today, reception in some areas is now harder. The switch means some expats have lost access to ITV’s sports coverage and Coronation Street and Emmerdale replays in areas where the main ITV channel wasn’t receivable via satellite.

For example, expats in southern Spain may have been using a smaller 125×125 or “1.4m” satellite dish to watch ITV2HD and ITV4HD, and they will now have last these channels, as their dish is now too small to receive those channels.

This was not totally unexpected. Tests for these two ITV HD channels have been on the UK beam for a few weeks now.

It may signal an end to the Sky abnd ITV contract, and may mean these ITVHD channels may soon go free to air..