Oct 282014

Changes to TDT – Spanish Digital Television – Changes to TV in Spain

TDT – Television Digital Terrestrial – is broadcast through waves, occupying a part of the frequency spectrum. This spectrum is shared by TV, radio, telephone and other communications.
So far TV has been using those between 21 and 69 channels.
However, in 2007 the European Commission agreed to allocate part of the spectrum occupied by television to mobile phones of the latest generation, known as 4G. In accordance with the European Directive, the Spanish Government stated that before January 1, 2015 channels 61 to 69, ie, the last 9 in the band used so far, will become available for the 4G.
This is what is called Digital Dividend.

So what does this mean?
All television channels broadcasting between channels 61 and 69 in Spain must leave these channels.
These channels will be moved lower in the spectrum.
As a precaution, channel 60 will also be released (Canary Islands).
From the 26th October 2014 channels will start to transmit on their new frequencies.
This means there will be a period where channels are transmitted on two frequencies.

What do I have to do?
If you live in a house with a single antenna installation a simply retune of your TDT set top box will find the channels on their new frequencies.
If you live in an apartment building or community, and use a community aerial facility, this may require old frequency single-channel amplifiers to be changed for new frequency single-channel amplifiers. Hopefully most communities use a programmable TDT amplifier unit, which may require an engineer to reprogram the unit with the new frequencies.

TDT is popular with British expats in Spain, as the majority of channels broadcast films and series in dual audio with original language.
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Dec 272012

During January 2014 some of the Spanish digital television channels must vacate their current frequencies.

Spanish Digital TV TDT

From the Costa Blana News – Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Digital TV re-tuning next year

MORE than 300,000 communities of residents in the Valencia Region will have to pay in the region of €600 sometime over the next 12 months to have their TV antennas retuned so that they can pick up digital (TDT) transmissions.

Two years after the analogue signal was switched off in Spain, the government is forcing property owners to pay to retune because it made a mistake when the TDT signal was first allocated.

On January 1, 2014, the current TDT signal will be switched off – one year before the rest of the EU.

The affected frequencies have been sold to provide more frequency capacity for the 4G / LTE mobile broadband technology. It is thought that the “auctioning off” of theswe frequencies will result in an income of about 12,000 million euros (about 1% of GDP).

The frequencies of 790 megahertz (MHz) to 862 MHz are are currently used for the Spanish digital television channels, ranging from 61 to 69.

With recent advances in encoding and compression techology of television signals, this will mean that there hsould be no reduction or loss of Spanish Digital Television channels. This was one of the greatest fears of the change, as it was initially thought that there could have been a 50% reduction in the number of current channels.