Aug 152015

Spanish telco Telefónica has unveiled its Spanish football programming line-up but has yet to strike a deal with Catalan broadcaster Mediapro to carry its BeIN Sports channel, giving it access to European Champions League and Europa League matches as well as coverage of European and international leagues.

The Liga Adelante offering on Telefónica’s Movistar+ service will include coverage of La Liga matches in HD, with 11 fixtures daily to be aired on the Canal+ Liga.
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Mar 272015

Torrent site The Pirate Bay has a new European block to contend with after a judge in Spain handed down a ruling against the site today.

Local ISPs now have 72 hours in which to block the site, the first instruction of its type under the country’s so-called Sinde Law.

Due to the site’s failure to respond to rightsholder requests to remove links to copyrighted material in a timely manner as required by Spain’s copyright law, ISPs are now required to block their subscribers from accessing the site.

According to Elmundo the injunction requires ISPs to block,, and within 72 hours.

Mar 242015

Telecom operator Telefónica has announced that it will triple the connection speed for all its internet customers before the summer.

The communications provider will also switch all its ADSL clients to its new fiber-optic network as soon as the service is available in their location at no extra charge, sources familiar with the situation told EL PAÍS.

The unprecedented move rests on the fact that Telefónica knows its customers require a quality broadband connection in order to subscribe to its new services, such as streaming video or pay TV.

The company’s fiber-optic network currently serves 10.3 million homes, and this year is expected to reach a further 3.6 million households.

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May 082014

Telefónica / Movistar has made a €725 million bid for 56% of the Spanish pay-TV operation Digital Plus.

Digital+ is the satellite TV service for Spain.

The Telefónica / Movistar bid is somewhat less than the €1,000 million sought by the cash-strapped media concern Prisa that is effectively being forced to sell its TV operations.

Telefónica already holds 22% of Digital+ and with 78% of the company would be in effective control.

Telefónica / Movistar has been looking to relaunch its existing IPTV offer Movistar TV.

In the past Telefónica was a pay-TV operator in its own right through the Via Digital satellite platform, until its merger into what is now Digital+/Canal+ in 2002.

BSkyB, Al Jazeera and Liberty Global have previously been linked with a bid.

Feb 012014

Telefónica wants to buy Prisa’s 56% of Canal+ and has offered €600-€700 million, but the editorial group wants substantially more and has decided to pressure the telco by opening the process to other bidders, namely Al Jazeera, News Corporation, Liberty Global and Vivendi.

According to El Economista, the bid’s first period concluded on Friday, but Prisa didn’t get any satisfactory offer. Only Telefónica is close to offering what Prisa wants, as News Corporation has offered €200 million for the pay-TV platform. Al Jazeera and Vivendi’s offers remain under wraps and Liberty Global has recently shown interest in buying ONO, which may drive it to lose interest in Canal+.

Prisa is struggling under a huge debt, although it has managed to refinance the most immediate instalments. According to the newspaper, around €900 million needs to be paid in 2015, which is why the company will be looking forward to selling Canal+ for such an amount. It will get enough cashflow to pay the debt while abandoning the TV business, one of Prisa’s main objectives for the coming years.

The media group has been trying to sell Canal+ for a long time and is said not to be in a hurry to close the deal, prioritising profitability over rapidity. The plight of the pay-TV platform is not helping to solve the situation, as Canal+ keeps dropping subscriptions and has to face the increasing prices of broadcasting football rights.

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May 092013

Spanish telecom giant Telefonica reported first-quarter earnings Wednesday, revealing that revenue fell 10 percent to €14.1 billion ($18.5 billion), even as net income grew 20.6 percent to €902 million ($1.1 billion).

The company reported that it lost 51,000 pay-TV subscribers in Spain in Q1.

Spain’s Telefonica continues to lose pay-TV (IPTV Spain) customers in its domestic market at a worrying rate, with 50k leaving in the first quarter of this year alone to reach 659k, although its Latin American operations helped partially rebalance these losses.

Across Europe as a whole, Telefónica saw its pay-TV customer base shrink 17% in the first quarter of this year on an annual basis to reach 852k

Revenue from Telefonica’s financially-strapped home market dropped 16 percent in part due to record-breaking 27 percent unemployment in Spain and increased competition from smaller rivals offering cheaper packages of voice, broadband and TV.

Telefonica CEO Cesar Alierta said the mixed results reflect “a progressive stabilization of the business and a greater degree of diversification, together with the constant improvement in the financial position.”