May 042015

Astra 2G, the third and final new UK TV satellite, has today reached its test location at 43 east.

Several transponders have been fired up as testing started almost immediately after it reached 43 east.

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Jul 312013

Reports are that Film 4 HD is testing on the following frequency:

12324 V 29500 3/4 DVB-S2 QPSK.

The channel is “tagged” as 3844.

And is encrypted, as it is expected to be available with a Sky HD subscription, similar to E4HD and More 4 HD.

Film 4 HD is expected join the Sky platform in September 2013

However, you cannot manually add this channel to a Sky HD digibox due to the symbol rate of 29500 not available to manually select.

May 252013

A new BBC “channel” is presently testing on Astra 2F at 28.2.

It is using the same BBC frequency as some of their other HD channels (BBC1 Wales HD and BBC 1 HD Scotland), of 11023 H, 23000, FEC 2/3 frequency.

It is not available to manually add on SkyHD boxes.

At the moment it is showing BBC2HD content, but the EPG (programme guide) data is showing BBC Red Button data from the Freeview BBC Red Button channel.

Does this mean that the BBC are going to have a BBC Red Button HD service soon?
Perhaps in time for Wimbledon in a few weeks time?