Jun 052014

The BBC is to experiment with 4K broadcasting technology during the 2014 World Cup.

These tests will not be available to the public.

These tests are set to be the beginning of the BBC investigating how it can bring 4K to its viewers.

The BBC has previously been involved in testing 8K Ultra HD recordings of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Part of the trial will involve the BBC building its understanding of the limitations of sending 4K streams over the web, through iPlayer for example.

Sony is filming three games in 4K, including the World Cup Final itself. The footage is set to be put together into a film once the tournament is over.

May 202014

As we reported on ITV will be launching a new channel on the Sky pay service.

ITV Encore will launch on the 9th June 2014.

ITV Encore will be available to Sky customers on Sky channel 123.

In the last few days test transmission have started for ITV Encore on Astra 2E.

ITV Encore test transmission frequency :





The channels is currently tagged as 10135.

A “+1” service is also anticipated, but no mention of a HD service.

Jan 222014

The BBC has started test transmissions for an additional Red Button stream on satellite for the duration of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The BBC have said that there will be up to two Red Button streams available on digital TV platforms,where as normally they operate just one Red Button stream. A temporary Red Button service was also created last Summer. The BBC has said that it will continue to offer a temporary Red Button stream for the major sports events this year.

The test are on the Astra 2F satellite Frequency: 12.552 polarisation: vertical symbol rate: 22.000  FEC: 5/6 Tag ID: 54190

The stream is showing the BBC Digital Widescreen Test Transmission