Jun 292015

This morning the remaining channels on Eutelsat 28A were moved to the new Astra 2G satellite.

The channels were previously on a “European beam” with easy to receive coverage over most of Europe.
With their move to Astra 2, they have been placed on the UK spot beam, meaning some viewers in southern Europe may have lost these channels as their dish is not large enough to receive them on their new beam.

There is no indication as to whether this move to the UK beam is a temporary or permanent move.
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Jun 242015

As part of the agreement between Eutelsat and SES, and as part of the satellite renewal program at 28 east, many channels are changing frequencies, as they are moved between the satellite.

Viewers with Sky and Freesat receivers: Frequency changes should be handled automatically by the receiver.
Viewers with other satellite receiver may have to perform a rescan to continue to view channels that have changed frequencies.

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Oct 052013

Below is a list of the channels and frequencies affected by the recent “satellite shuffle” between Eutelsat 28A and Astra.

Note that for some people in some areas of Spain, channels on the Astra 2F UK beam may be unavailable, as your satellite dish may be too small to receive these frequencies.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can receive Channel Five, then you should be able to receive those other channels on Astra 2Fs UK beam.

If you are struggling to receive those channels on the Astra 2F UK beam, then it may be possible to search for the channels on their “Final” frequencies, as some of the channels are actually operating on their final frequencies.

On a Sky box, you simply go to the “Add Channels” menu option, and then add the channels to your Sky boxes “Other Channels” list, accessed via the Services Menu.

Hopefully by the 10th October, all channels will be on their final frequencies, and the Sky Guide and the Freesat Guide channel lists are all correctly “mapped” to the new frequencies.

These changes have nothing to do with the new UK TV satellite, Astra 2E, that was recenctly launched and expected to be operational late November / December 2013.

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