Mar 062014

No firm decision has been made, but the Spanish Government is said to be considering the closure of TVE’s international signal. The high cost of maintaining the worldwide channel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ negative report concerning the channel may drive the network to closure.

According to PR Noticias, the ministry thinks the channel is damaging to Spain’s international image. In addition, running TVE Internacional is too expensive when compared to the income and investment it generates.

The channel is a reference for the Spanish community abroad, as well as the Latin audience. The channel currently broadcasts news programmes and its own fictional productions, which, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are not improving Spain’s image internationally.

The broadcasting of the channel involves renting satellite frequencies around the world and distribution deals with several cable and direct-to-home (DTH) platforms, which increases the price of keeping it on air.

This new situation adds to the delicate financial situation of TVE – which may return to private advertising – and the never-ending debate about restructuring the DTT schedule.