Feb 082017

Five people have been arrested, accused of selling set-top boxes modified to stream subscription football matches, television channels and films for free.

The sale of so-called “fully loaded Kodi boxes” has been called a “top priority” by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact).

The five traders were arrested in early morning raids.

Fact said it believed the suspects had made in the region of £250,000 selling the devices online.
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Dec 182016

Only 29% favour scrapping UK TV licence fee

A study conducted ahead of the Parliamentary debate about the BBC’s Royal Charter reveals the British public’s attitude towards the BBC, particularly the licence fee.

The study, by research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics, shows that 71 per cent of people feel the BBC is important to them personally and 71 per cent are satisfied with the services it provides. The older and more affluent people are, the more positive they’re likely to be about the BBC.

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Dec 152013

Britons are paying significantly more for pay-TV packages that include premium content such as top-flight football and Hollywood movies than consumers in Europe and the US, according to new research.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom found that British consumers pay £66 a month for the “best offer” premium pay-TV subscription – defined as including the “best package of top league football” as well as films and high definition TV – more than twice that paid by consumers in the cheapest nation surveyed, Germany (£27).

The UK fared the worst in a six-nation comparison, with Spain ranked second (£49), followed by the US (£47) then Italy (£40) and France (£35), according to Ofcom.

However, Britons receive 410 channels in their premium package, Germans get half this and most of the other countries surveyed have access to a quarter the number.

Britons do get a good deal on basic pay-TV packages, at £16 a month second only to Italians.