Feb 182018

Valencia to Gandia Train Timetables 2018

Thought I would share this that came through the letter box this week, the train timetables for 2018 for trains between Valencia Nord and Gandia.

Gandia to Valencia Train Timetable 2018 (click to enlarge)

Gandia to Valencia Train Timetable 2018 (click to enlarge)

Gandia to Valencia Train Timetable 2018 (click to enlarge)

Gandia to Valencia Train Timetable 2018 (click to enlarge)

Nov 262016

Our Satellite Dish Installation Options :

We have a number of satellite dish system installations available for the reception of UK TV (Freesat and Sky TV) for the Valencia and COsta Blanca North area of Spain.

110x120cm satellite dishes
125x135cm satellite dishes
Freesat HD set top boxes
Freesat+HD set top boxes
Free to Air HD satellite receivers
Sky HD Digibox
Sky+HD Digibox

110x120_dish_freesat_installation-300x252 125x135_dish_freesat_installation-300x249

Sky Viewing Cards (we have managed to get some of our most recent customers have had a massive 75% discount on their Sky subscriptions – new customers only)

More information on our Satellite Dish Installation Options can be found on our webpage :

Feb 052014

Our previous post mentioned some more Sky channels moving from satellite to satellite.

Channels have been moved from the temporary Astra 1N satellite, and moved to the “old” Astra 2A satellite.

The channels and frequencies affected, that we can make out are:

12071 H – Sky Sports Active 12090 V – National Geographic HD UK, Comedy Central HD UK, Eden HD, Nickelodeon HD, MTV HD UK

12110 H – Sky Sports F1, Sky One +1, Sky Sports 2 Ireland, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 3, PBS U.K., Fox U.K., Cartoonito, Sky Living, Comedy Central UK

12168 V – Sky Modern Greats HD, Sky Valentine HD, Sky Scifi/Horror HD, Sky Comedy HD, Sky Disney HD

12148 H – Sky Arts 2, Sky Atlantic (ireland), Sky Sports News, Eurosport 2, Sky Sports 4, Fox +1 U.K., Comedy Central Extra

12207 V – Sky Sports 2, Sky News, Sky News Ireland, Sky One Ireland, Pick TV, Sky Two, Pick TV +1

12227 H – Good Food HD, Cartoon Network, Disney Junior HD, Disney Channel HD UK, TCM HD UK

12246 V – Sky Action HD, NatGeo Wild HD, History, Crime HD, TLC HD

12266 H – Sky Box Office 12304 H – Challenge, Challenge +1

12324 V – Film4 HD, SyFy HD UK, More 4 HD


For some channels – like those on frequency 12207 and 12110 you should not notice any changes in reception in my service area (Costa Blanca and Valencia areas). For some extreme fringe reception areas, like the Canaries, you may have noticed you can now receive these channels again. This is because the beam that they are now on, the Astra 2A south beam, has much better reception in your area than the beam they were on, the 1N European beam.

The rest of the channels and frequencies in last nights move may be bad news for some people, especially those with smaller satellite dishes. These channels have moved from the 1N European beam, to the “weaker” Astra 2A north beam. In my service area (Costa Blanca and Valencia areas) the Astra 2A north bam is much harder to receive than the south beam, and requires at least a 1.8m dish.

And that is why some channels have better reception today, and others have worse reception.