Digital TV in Spain – Digital Terrestrial Television (TDT) – Televisión Digital Terrestre

Digital TV in Spain

Televisión Digital Terrestre (Terrestrial Digital Television) also know as TDT, is Spain’s version of the UK’s Freeview system.

Digital TV in Spain provides digital television channels via your normal terrestrial TV aerial on the roof.

The old poor quality terrestrial analogue signals have now been turned off, as part of the Europe wide analogue TV switch off programme, and being replaced by high quality digital signals. These digital signals provide much clear picture quality, multiply audio options and more channels. Whereas you could normally receive on 9 – 12 Spanish television channels, there are up to 30 Spanish television channels available digitally, depending on your location.

Most digital terrestrial channels on TDT are available for free – free to air.

Between 2009 and 2015 there were also a few Pay TV / Subscription TV channels available on TDT. The first Pay TV on TDT was GOL TV – a football channel, which shows a number or football matches from various leagues around the world, including the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. GOL TV ceased transmitting on TDT in July 2015.

There are no UK channels available on Spain’s TDT Digital Terrestrial service. However many channels broadcast their programmes with their original audio as well as the dubbed Spanish audio. So if a programme is being broadcast that was made in the UK or USA, then you may be able to change the Spanish audio soundtrack into an English Audio soundtrack. Normally this is done by pressing the Audio button on the remote control and selecting the required language.

Spanish TV Channels on Digital TV


TDT Availability

TDT is not available in all areas, due to the signals being weak due to location (i.e. mountains). In some areas unable to receive the TDT signals from the main transmitters, local re-transmitters have been erected to provide better coverage.


Spanish TV Installations

To receive Digital TV in Spain you will require :

  • a TV aerial
  • possibly a aerial signal amplifier
  • a digital tuner – either by a separate digital terrestrial set top box, or a TV with a built in digital tuner.

We can supply and install the equipment required for reception of Digital TV in Spain starting from 100 euros – Spanish TV Installations


TDT Frequencies in Spain

Many TDT channels are on the same frequencies across the whole of Spain.

Digital TV in Spain TDT Channel Frequencies


Spanish TV Channels on Satellite TV

Spanish TV Channels on Satellite

There are a number of Free Spanish TV Channels on Satellite

Free Spanish TV Channels on Satellite TV



There is also Movistar+, a pay TV service available via satellite

Movistar+ (formally Canal+) Satellite TV Spain


beIN Sports Spain – beIN Sports Espana

beIN Sports Espana

beIN Sports Espana is a Spanish regional version of the BeIN Sport channels owned by Qatari Sports Investments.

beIN Sports Spain – beIN Sports Espana



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