Movistar+ (formally Canal+) Satellite TV Spain


Movistar+ was created on the 8th July 2015, as a result of Telefonicas buy out of the Canal+ Satellite service.

Movistar+ is the Spanish satellite subscription service. In many ways it is similar to the UKs Sky subscription service, they operate very similar channels, have their own movie and sports, channels, and require a viewing card to subscribe and watch the channels. Like TDT, many programmes can have their audio changed so that you can view the programme with the original soundtrack.

Canal+ was previously known as Digital+ since its launch in 2003, when two separate companies Via Digital and Canal Satellite Digital merged.

On 8 July 2015, Telefónica launched Movistar+, a new platform as a result of the merger of Canal+ and Movistar TV which involved changes in the packages and new channels.

You can choose from basic to full-blown packages, and while the choice of channels may not be the 200-300 you can get in the US or UK, you will have plenty of time to waste with the options. Channel line-ups are listed on the two sites below.

Some English friendly features: When available on movies, you can watch the version original (V.O.), which is the English audio track. Many sitcoms and other shows from the U.S., including The Simpsons and Seinfeld, are broadcast with the two language tracks. On rare occasions you may find another language such as Catalan or German.

Movistar+ is available on two satellites, Astra 19 East and Hispasat 30 West.

The company also provides the Movistar TV IPTV service offered by Telfonica Movistar, providing digital television to customers via the internet.