L’Olleria, Valencia, Spain

L’Olleria, (10 minutes from Xativa) a town of over 7.000 inhabitants, is situated to the south of Serra Grossa, between two ravines called Foia de Port and La Freira.

It is a town that is renowned for its glass and ceramics. Indeed, there is now a modern factory that continues to crush the glass that is collected in bottle banks, and they make both new and recycled items. It is a perfect place for dinner services, cut glass, china, and ornaments. Careful though – you could end up spending more than you envisaged – the products are really good, and really cheap!

Its principle crops are grapes, olives, almonds and summer fruits. Thanks to its irrigation system, other vegetables are also grown. In essence it is an industrial town, with the glass and plastic industries at the forefront. Other traditional industries such as wood manufacture, pottery, furniture, bamboo and rattan production and the firework industry, complete the industrial scene. One can try the famous local dish “Arros al Forn” (baked rice) in any of the different restaurants down town.

From the motorway between Xativa and Ontinyent, going towards Ontinyent, turn off to the roundabout exit after the mountain tunnel, sign posted Gandia and L’Olleria



The fair in October and the Moors and Christians fiesta at the beginning of September are well worth seeing.

Festa de la Magdalena – The parish church of Olleria is named after Santa Maria Magdalena. She has been the town’s patron saint since the 17 th century. Until 1970, the 22nd of July fiesta was the main Olleria fiesta, but due to circumstances, this fiesta was gradually lost until it finally disappeared. Since 1996 though, it is slowly making a comeback thanks to the Olleriens.

El Ball dels locos (The mad men’s dance) – Murta del Convento de los Capuchinos There is an abundance of myrtle (murta) in the convent grounds, which has been transformed into a garden which is watered by a pool. This plant species usually grows as a bush, however in this particular case, it has grown into a fully fledged tree with various trunks. This century old myrtle “tree” partially dried up in 1995 because of a lack of water.

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UK TV in L’Olleria – how to receive UK TV in L’Olleria

Freesat TV in L'Olleria

The Sat and PC Guy installs and maintains Digital Satellite Television Systems, for reception of UK TV in L’Olleria.

Reception of satellite TV channels from the BBC an ITV can be achieved using a minimum of a 110x120cm satellite dish or the recommended 125x135cm satellite dish.

We install Digital Terrestrial Television, TDT, Spain Freeview for Spanish TV reception in L’Olleria. Depending on your location to the TDT transmitters, you can receive around 30 digital television channels, with the option change the language on many programmes into English.