Lorcha, Valencia

Lorcha (or L’Orxa in Valencian L’Orxa) is a village in the Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, located in the north of the province of Alicante

You get to Lorcha via the A-7  motorway, to connect in Muro de Alcoy with the CV-705 and CV-end in 701.

Neighbouring towns and villages include Beniarrés, Planes, Vall de Gallinera, Ayelo Rugat, Castellón de Rugat, Montichelvo, Salem, and Villalonga.

The origins of the population are very remote and even some researchers have wanted to see in it an ancient Roman city, but these points have not been supported, and although it is to emphasize the importance of environmental numerous archaeological sites and give ideas of the age of the residents of the area.

For a time belonged to Al-Azraq, which had undergone Jaime I of Aragon in pact of allegiance in 1254. In the year 1269 the king cede the town and castle of Azagra Gil Garcés. Subsequently passed to Arnau de Roma in 1288 gave it to the Knights Templar. With the disappearance of the order went to the Montesa.

The June 13, 1316 Fray Martín Pérez de Oros, castellan of Amposta granted charter to the Moors of the farmhouses of Lorcha, Benillup, Benitaric Alquinencia and in the valley of Perpuchent, to courts of Valencia. On November 14, 1334 Fray Pedro de Tous, Master of the Order of Montesa settlement established new conditions for Muslim aljamas Perpuchent Valley. It was rather Moorish, ascending them to a total of 60 fires in 1602, after their expulsion in 1609, was repopulated with Mallorca. In 1644 Lorcha was destroyed by an earthquake.

Until 1707 it belonged to the governación of Játiva (Júcar), from that time until 1833 was part of the governación (township) of Alcoy.

The arrival of the railway in 1893 Alcoy Gandía was a significant improvement in their communications.

A paper mill provided jobs for about half of the people, closed in 2001, and currently, there are two printing companies and other fabric, a part of the elderly get income with rainfed agriculture, olives and almonds .

Fiestas are currently held the third weekend of July, the following days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.



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