Orba and Orbeta Valencia, Spain

Orba is a town in the Marina Alta are of the Comunidad Valenciana, Spain. This town is accessed by the N-332 and the CV-731.

Orba is a village located in the deep interior of the Marina Alta, proud of its Moorish past, after Its Moorish origin may be perceived – even today – through their craft Cantarero, or analyzing the structure of the sour-Moorish town. Although its origin may well be a prehistoric Iberian settlement, UR-Obia “where water flows from the bottom of the mountain, its history can be linked with another village of Berber origin, the group of Masmuda – a tribe of AURABA, North Africa – who settled in these lands after the Arab invasion.

The Castle. Ruin on the mound of the same name as that used to be Christian or fortress watchtower

Font de baix (1904) It was built in 1904 as Mayor D. Celestino Llopis Llopis. It highlights the work of masonry, made by the stonemason of the population in which imitation lie the Gothic-style water pipes, and which is carved the date of construction.

Orbeta is an Urbanisation in the area. Other Urbanisations include La Plana, Palmera, El Capso and Puerta del Valle.

Other areas close to Orba include Benichembla, Murla, Benimaurrell, Fleix, Campell, Fontilles, Paradisorba, Aspre-Obreta and Montaneta El Ede

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UK TV in Orba – how to receive UK TV in Orba

Freesat TV in Orba

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Reception of satellite TV channels from the BBC an ITV can be achieved using a minimum of a 110x120cm satellite dish or the recommended 125x135cm satellite dish.

We install Digital Terrestrial Television, TDT, Spain Freeview for Spanish TV reception in Orba. Depending on your location to the TDT transmitters, you can receive around 30 digital television channels, with the option change the language on many programmes into English.