Palma de Gandia, Valencia Spain

Palma de Gandía is a municipality in the comarca of Safor in the Valencian Community, Spain.

Its local history is included in the neighbouring town of Gandia, to whose territorial jurisdiction and duchy belonged. Therefore successively passed through the hands of families who hold the manor and Duchy of Gandia.

The oldest evidence of human occupation of the term correspond to the first phase of the Age of Metals: are the materials belonging, apparently, a late
Neolithic burial collective that exists in the lower strata of Bernarda Cova, on the side of west of the Falconera. At the higher levels of that Cova Bernarda has been found also Iberian materials (ceramic cups and plates, knives, iron afalcatados, etc) and l’albarcas, next to Barrancs Sister, had a tombstone with a Latin inscription, which is now preserved in the Museum District of Gandia.

Its economy lies in the cultivation of orange, having known throughout its history, a process similar to that of the rest of the region. On dry land are cultivated fruit and olive trees in a low percentage. In irrigated orange acquires the character of monoculture. The main industry is the result of the export naranjera, with several stores citrus. It also has industries of ceramics used for the production of tiles and bricks.

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UK TV in Palma de Gandia – how to receive UK TV in Palma de Gandia

Freesat TV in Palma de Gandia

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