Tarbena, Valencia

Tarbena was subjected to religious de-population and later re-population by an entirely different race of people. At the time of the Inquisition it was abandoned when the mostly Moorish population ran away.
It was re-populated by impoverished natives of Mallorca, who took over the tumbledown ruins and turned it into a village. A Valencian shipping magnate in whose Ducal domain the mountain territory of Tarbena belonged, was involved in considerable livestock trade between the mainland and the Balieric islands. Ferrying pigs on the outboard journey, he often brought back the offal produced for a profit. Mallorcan black pudding was a sought after delicacy in Valencia, being quite distinct from local varieties. Then it occurred to him that if he put Mallorcans in one his abandoned villages and got them to make the black pudding there, he could save the cost of transport and collect rents as well. So he then shipped a cargo of pigs out and a cargo of embutidos aritsans back, took them up into the hills, showed them the empty village and gave it to them for free. They were a hardy lot and soon a cottage industry producing all manner of pig puddings and sausages; black, red and white, was flourishing. They still exist today, making Butifarras, Blanquets and Sobrasada.


UK TV in Tarbena – how to receive UK TV in Tarbena

Freesat TV in Tarbena

The Sat and PC Guy installs and maintains Digital Satellite Television Systems, for reception of UK TV in Tarbena.

Reception of satellite TV channels from the BBC an ITV can be achieved using a minimum of a 110x120cm satellite dish or the recommended 125x135cm satellite dish.

We install Digital Terrestrial Television, TDT, Spain Freeview for Spanish TV reception in Tarbena. Depending on your location to the TDT transmitters, you can receive around 30 digital television channels, with the option change the language on many programmes into English.