Astra 2C Satellite

Astra 2C Satellite

The Astra 2C satellite was launched on 16th  June 2001. Astra 2C was initially deployed at was located at 19.2° east, providing Pan European coverage for satellite TV services for Gremany, Spain, and France.

Although Astra 2C satellite was designed for use at, at 28.2° east, the main orbital position for direct-to-home satellite TV services in the UK and Ireland, mainly the broadcast of Sky TV and the other UK TV satellite channels, it was only positioned at 28.2°E for just 19 months from August 2007 and for 16 months from March 2014.

Astra 2C satellite was designed with 32 Ku band transponders, although this would be reduced to 28 as the satellite aged.

The Astra 2C satellite has one broadcast beam with horizontal and vertical polarisation, across a single footprint covering the areas of Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Iberian peninsula and Canary Islands.

Astra 2C Satellite has been moved to 60.5°E in August 2015.