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BT Sport is a group of sports television channels, owned by BT Group. BT Sport launched on 1 August 2013. The channels were launched when BT Sport won rights to some English Premier League football matches.

BT Sport is available on the Sky and Virgin Media television platforms in the UK.

BT Sport operate subscription channels. They require a subscription that is separate to a Sky TV subscription.

Initially BT Sport operated just two channels, BT Sport 1,  the flagship channel, and BT Sport 2.

On 25 February 2013, BT announced that it had acquired ESPN’s UK channels and their sports broadcasting rights,

In September 2014, BT Sport Extra launched, broadcasting additional content at selected times.

On 1 August 2015, BT launched three new channels : BT Sport Europe, for its coverage of European football, BT Sport Showcase, a free-to-air channel via Freeview, and BT Sport Ultra HD, the UK’s first 4K television channel.

The BT Sport channels are transmitted from three UK TV satellites : Astra 2E,Astra 2F and Astra 2G, on European an UK beams


How to get BT Sports Channels

The BT Sports channels will be available FREE to BT Broadband customers in the UK.

BT Sport 1 is currently offered for free for BT’s broadband subscribers. The other BT Sport channels require subscription to the ‘BT Sport Pack’ for £5 per month

For non BT’s broadband subscribers, BT Sport can be viewed on Sky Satellite, using your Sky viewing card


Equipment required for BT Sport in Spain

To watch BT Sport in Spain , users required a Sky digibox, a Sky viewing card and a satellite dish with Low Noise Block LNB.  The satellite dish collects the signals and reflects them to the LNB which collects the signals and sends then down the cable to the Sky digibox which then turns those signals into pictures and sounds.


BT Sport channels in Spain

BT Sport  pay channels are broadcast with encryption, and can only be viewed by the use of a Sky subscription card. As far as I know, it is NOT illegal to use a Sky viewing cards or watch Sky TV channels in Spain. However, you are breaking the terms and conditions of your Sky contract. The Sky contract states that the Sky viewing card is only for use within the UK only. This is due to how the broadcaster rights for the programmes on the channel that are on Sky TV are sold around Europe.


BT Sport Reception In Spain

You can watch and receive BT Sport in Spain.

The BT Sport pay channels are currently transmitted from three UK TV satellites : Astra 2E,Astra 2F and Astra 2G.

The BT Sport channels are transmitted from both the UK beam and the the European beam of the Astra 2E, Astra 2Fand Astra 2G satellites.

The European beam give very good reception across the majority of mainland Spain. This means that the Sky TV pay channels can be received in Spain on a satellite dish measuring a minimum of 80x85cm.

The UK beam signal footprint is different to the previous UK TV satellites UK beam. This has meant that reception of channels on the new Astra 2 satellites will be different to previous reception. In the areas between Valencia and Alicante, our service area, the BT Sport channels on the new Astra 2 satellites UK beam can still be received on a small satellite dish – as small as a 110x120cm satellite dish, with a 125x135cm satellite dishbeing the recommended size satellite dish.

However, in other areas of Spain, reception of these channels on the new Astra 2 satellites UK beam has become harder. For example, in areas such as Barcelona, Catalonia and Zaragoza, you need at least a 1.8m satellite dish to receive these channels on the Astra 2F UK beam, whereas previously you only needed a smaller 80cm satellite dish. It is a similar story in the south of Spain, in areas like the Costa del Sol, Malaga, Almeria, Seville, Gibraltar and even Portugal, where even the larger 2.4m satellite dishes are struggling to receive these channels on the Astra 2 satellites UK beam.

The expected mission lifespan of the current UK TV satellites, Astra 2E, Astra 2F and Astra 2Gis approximately 12 to 15 years. So we can expect no further changes to reception of Channel Four TV channels via satellite until around 2025.


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