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UK Satellite TV Andalucía


UK TV is available to expats in Southern Spain and the Andalucía areas of Spain.

However, with the recent introduction of new UK TV satellites reception of some channels in the Andalucía and Southern areas of Spain can be hard.

Reception of the main UK TV channels, like BBC and ITV, via satellite, using a Sky digibox, or Freesat set top box, may mean you have to have a very large satellite dish.

For some eastern parts of Andalucía, a minimum 1.8m or 2.4m satellite dish is required for reception of BBC and ITV via Freesat and Sky.

For some western parts of Andalucía, 2.4m or 3.1m satellite dish is the minimum size required for reception of BBC and ITV via Freesat and Sky.

It is the size of satellite dish that is required to receive BBC and ITV direct from the broadcasters via satellite in the Andalucía and Southern Spain areas that many feel is very restrictive. So many are turning to alternate methods of receiving their UK TV in the Andalucía and Southern Spain. Alternate TV viewing methods like IPTV, Filmon, Android Smart boxes, Brit TV boxes, and MAG250 IPTV boxes have started to become popular.

However reception of many Sky TV channels in Andalucía and southern Spain, like Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic, is easier, and requires a “small” satellite dish, may be a 90x100cm “1m” dish, or the larger 125x135cm “1.4m” satellite dish.


The map on the link below shows a reception map and the size of satellite dishes for Spain that are able to receive the main UK TV channels.

Reception Reports / Satellite Dish sizes to receive BBC and ITV UK Satellite TV Andalucía areas of Spain

The default transponder frequency setting for Sky TV in Andalucia is 11778, V, 27.5, 2/3 – Sky Default Transponder Frequency Settings