UK TV Lliria, Freesat Lliria, Lliria

UK TV Lliria, Sky TV Lliria, Freesat Lliria, LliriaUK TV Lliria, Sky TV Lliria, Freesat Lliria, Lliria

For UK TV via satellite, Freesat, and TV in Lliria and the surrounding areas The Sat and PC Guy is your local UK TV installer.

The Sat and PC Guy is a UK satellite TV installer based in Gandia. This means we have excellent local knowledge of reception characteristics of UK TV in Lliria and are close enough to offer a speedy, reliable and competitively priced service.

The Sat and PC Guy installs and maintains Digital Satellite Television Systems for the Lliria area.

We supply and install satellite TV systems for the reception of UK Freesat TV in Lliria.

We supply and install satellite dishes, from 80cm satellite dishes to 2.4m satellite dishes – including the popular Portuguese Famaval 2.4m satellite dishes.

We supply and install a wide range of digital satellite receivers, including Sky, Sky+, Sky HD and Sky+HD digiboxes, Freesat and Freesat HD receivers and a range of “generic” satellite receivers.

We can help resolve poor reception issues, perform satellite dish realignments, replace LNBs, and upgrade your satellite TV systems.

We install Digital Terrestrial Television, Television Digital Terrestrial or TDT, the Spanish equivalent of the UK Freeview TV service. Depending on your location to the local TDT transmitters, you can receive around 40 Spanish digital television channels using a TV aerial. Although there are no UK channels available on Spanish TV, in many cases on programmes and movies imported from the UK USA, it is possible to change from the dubbed Spanish audio soundtrack to the original English version.


Reception and how to receive UK TV Lliria and UK TV in Spain

If you want to receive UK TV Lliria, or Freesat TV in Lliria, then you will need to have a satellite dish installed. Depending on what UK TV channels you want to receive will determine the size of the satellite dish you need to install.

Reception of satellite TV channels from the BBC an ITV can be achieved using a minimum of a 110x120cm satellite dish or the recommended 125x135cm satellite dish.

Other sizes of satellite dishes are also available to be installed in Xatia, including :

1.1 metre satellite dish Lliria
1.25 metre satellite dish Lliria
1.35 metre satellite dish Lliria
1.4 metre satellite dish Lliria
1.8 metre satellite dish Lliria
1.9 metre satellite dish Lliria
2.4 metre satellite dish Lliria

The default transponder frequency setting for Sky TV in Lliria is 11778, V, 27.5, 2/3 – Sky Default Transponder Frequency Settings


Satellite TV Installations Lliria

The Sat and PC Guy can supply install and problem solve your satellite TV systems. We cover all areas of Lliria, including the Lliria, and the various villages and urbanisations around Lliria