How to Set Up A Smart DNS on A Sky Digibox

By setting up a Smart DNS service on your Sky+HD digibox, you can use the Catch Up and On Demand services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, and Sky On Demand in Spain.

No additional router is requried, as the Smart DNS can be set up on your Sky+HD digibox.

First you need to create and subscribe to a Smart DNS service, such as SMARTDNSPROXY or  SMARTY DNS

Once you have subscribed to the DNS service of your choice, and you have validated your IP Address, and noted the DNS settings from your SMARTY DNS dashboard, you can set up the service on your Sky+HD digibox.

Ensure your Sky Digibox is connect to the internet via your main router (using either an ethernet cable or Wifi)

On your Sky Remote Control Press Services and navigate to setting and network, and then press down to “select” the network screen

Press the green button on the sky remote to get to manual IP configuration

Input your network details

– IP Address of your Sky box (something along the lines of…ensuring no other devices on your network are using that IP Address)

– Subnet (usually

– Gateway (the Gateway is your IP address of your router. Usually or, but check this on your network settings on your PC)

Input your Smart DNS settings in the DNS box

Your Sky+HD digibox should now be connected to the Catch Up and On Demand services.