NordVPN – changing your NordVPN Password on your OpenWRT router

If you are running NordVPN on a OpenWRT router, then from time to time NordVPN will, for security, change your access password. When they do this, then your router will no longer log onto the NordVPN servers, and you will not be able to access other countries content.

This is the process to change the NordVPN password on an OpenWRT Router.


  1. Log onto you NordVPN account.

2. Click on NordVPN in the Services section on the left hand side of the screen. Then scroll down the page until you see the Services Credentials section.

3. There are two sets of Credentials. One your username. The other is the Password (that is “unshown” for security). Just click on the COPY icon next to the Password. This will copy the password into your “cache”.

4. Connect to your OpenWRT Router (if provided by us, then it will be called UKTV Router), either via Wifi or Ethernet cable.

5. Log onto the router. (if provided by us, then the login will be either  or

6. Click Login. (You may have to input the routers Username and Password if this has been set up)

7. On the OpenWRT toolbar, click on VPN, and Click on OpenVPN

8. Find the line for the NordVPN “instance”, and click on Edit

9. Scroll down the page until you see the section indicated below. The secion will be populated with two lines of data. The first line of data will be your NORDVPN Username Credentials. The second line of data will be your NordVPN Password Credentials.

10. Highlight the whole of the second line of data (the Password Credentials), and Paste (right click paste, or CTRL + V), to pasted your Password from step 3 into your Router.

Press save.

11. On the OpenWRT toolbar, Click System, and select Reboot.

12. Click “Perform reboot”.

Your router will now reboot.

13. Once your router has rebooted, wait for a minute or two, and your NordVPN connection should be reestablished.

You can check this by going to “” and making sure your router is now “located” in the country you have set it up for.