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ITV HD On Sky HD EPG from April — 5 Comments

  1. The deal means that almost all of the 64 World Cup games, which are being split for broadcast by the BBC and ITV, will now be available to watch in high definition. The BBC already has a HD channel.

    Nearly all of the matches will be shown on BBC1, BBC2 or ITV1 except for eight in the earlier stages of the tournament which clash with other matches. These will be shown on either BBC3, the interactive streams of BBC1, or ITV2, ITV3 or ITV4.

  2. Reports are that ITV is testing with a HD test on 10832 h 22 5/6.

    This will not be good new for those wanting to watch ITV HD channel on the Costa Blanca, as this is a weak Astra 2d horizontal frequency, whose reception is poor.

    In the areas from Benidorm to Valencia, expect this channel on this frequency to be unavailable from late afternoon (say 3pm to 5pm).

  3. There are two HD tests at the moment (seperate to the existing “ITV HD red button” frequency

    One is on 10832 H, an astra 2d horizontal frequency, and showing a simulcast of ITV1 London (Although in testing good quality, but suffered some issues this weekend). This is on a weak Astra 2d horizontal frequency, which is not available 24/7 on the COsta Blanca.

    There are also HD tests on 11973 v, which we assume is also ITVHD but no one is sure…but noone has seen any pictures or anything yet, just some banners, upgrade messages etc – and its sky card encrypted – rumours that here will be two versions of ITVHD…one for freesat and one for Sky cards, with some programmes not available in HD on freesat! – all rumour tho! But if it is ITVHD on this frequency then this will be good as it is on a “south beam” frequency and easy to receive in the Costa Blanca and Spain

    So until closer to the launch date we just do not know where ITV1HD will sit….

  4. It looks like that there will be at least 2 versions of ITV1HD….

    one for freesat on Astra 2d (on 10832 H, i mentioned before), that does ont need a sky card to view, but whose reception will be limited on the Costa Blanca….

    and one for Sky (with a sky card) on Astra 2 on 11973v…..whose reception should be easily available on an 80cm dish!

  5. Currently shown on Sky HD receiver channel 178
    And freesat receiver 119

    Sky HD receivers are getting a mixture of the freesat free to air astra 2d horixzontal frequency, and the FTV versions – all depending on the regions of your sky card.

    So for freesat and Sky HD boxes with no card you wil be getting the the weaker astra 2d horizontal frequency…and so receptoin as per BBC2…(another blow for Freesat HD!)

    Yet, even with sky cards, you may have to add ITVHD as an “other channels” scanning the 11973v frequency…as you version on 178 may be allocated as the freesat / free to air version!

    For example, a sky card getting ITV1 West will have the sky card version of ITV1 HD on 178, yet one for Tyne Tees is getting the freesat / free to air version….

    Ultimately you will not know which version you will have on 178 until you have had a go and see if you can get ITV1 HD without you card inserted.!

    Although apart from a few moves, the first true HD programme made in HD for ITV will not be on until Tuesday at the earliest – all others will be upscaled!

    Although this may (but I dont really expect it!), to change in the next few hours before launch!

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