Dec 062017

BBC1 Christmas and New Year Schedules

Christmas and New Year TV schedules have been released and confirmed.

Christmas Eve

6.00am Breakfast
7.25pm Match of the Day
9.05am Film : Planes (2013)
10.30am Film : The Santa Clause (1994)
2.00pm Life in the Snow
1.00pm BBC News
1.10pm Weather for the Week Ahead
12.15pm Life in the Snow
1.15pm Songs of Praise – The Big Sing
1.45pm Film : The Farmer’s Llamas
2.15pm Hammy’s Boomerang Adventure
2.20pm Film : Monsters University (2013)
3.55pm Doodlebugs
4.10pm Film : Home (2015)
5.35pm BBC News
5.50pm Regional News, Weather
6.00pm Countryfile
7.00pm Mary, Mel and Sue’s Big Christmas Thank You
8.00pm EastEnders
8.30pm Michael McIntyre’s Big Christmas Show
9.35pm Not Going Out
10.15pm BBC News, Weather
10.30pm The Vicar of Dibley
11.15pm The Two Ronnies Sketchbook
11.45pm Midnight Mass live from Leeds Cathedral
1.00am Great Expectations
2.30am Weather for the Week Ahead
2.35am BBC News

Christmas Day

6.00am Breakfast
9.00am Film : Snow Queen (2002)
9.45am Go Jetters Christmas Island
10.00am Christmas Morning Service​ live from All Saints Church, Fulham
11.00am The Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper
11.10am Snow Chick : A Penguins Tale
12.10pm BBC News, Weather
12.20pm Top of the Pops
1.20pm Film : Toy Story 3 (2010)
3.00pm The Queen
​3.10pm Film : Cinderella (2015)
4.45pm The Highway Rat
5.15pm BBC News, Weather
5.30pm Doctor Who : Twice Upon a Time
6.30pm Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special
7.45pm Call the Midwife
9.00pm EastEnders
10.00pm Mrs Brown’s Boys
10.35pm 300 Years of French and Saunders
11.25pm BBC News, Weather
11.40pm On Christmas Night
11.45pm Have I Got a Bit More News for You
12.30am Darcey Bussell : Looking for Fred Astaire
1.30am Weather
1.35am BBC News

Boxing Day

6.00am Breakfast
9.00am Film : Tinker Bell and the Legend of Neverbeast (2014)
10.10am Film : Planes : Fire and Rescue (2014)
11.25am Mary, Mel and Sue’s Big Christmas Thank You
12.25pm BBC News
12.35pm Regional News, Weather
12.45pm Judi Dench : My Passion for Trees
1.45pm Stick Man
2.10pm Film : Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015)
3.30pm Doodlebugs
3.45pm Film : Mary Poppins (1964)
6.00pm BBC News
6.20pm Regional News, Weather
6.30pm Snow Bears
7.30pm EastEnders
8.00pm Little Women
9.00pm The Miniaturist
10.30pm BBC News, Weather
10.45pm Match of the Day
12.15am Girls Behind Bars : Stacey Dooley in the USA
1.15am Weather for the Week Ahead
​1.20am BBC News

New Years Eve

6.00am Breakfast
8.00am Match of the Day
9.25am Film : Bolt (2008)
10.55am Film : The Croods (2013)
12.25pm BBC News
12.35pm Weather for the Week Ahead
12.40pm Comic Relief 2017 : ‘Twas the Thanks After Red Nose Day
1.40pm Film : Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)
3.35pm Songs of Praise – The Big Sing
4.05pm Top of the Pops : New Year Special
5.05pm Attenborough and the Giant Elephant
6.05pm BBC News
6.20pm Regional News, Weather
6.30pm Celebrity Mastermind
7.00pm Countryfile
8.00pm Antiques Roadshow
9.00pm The Real Marigold on Tour
10.00pm BBC News, Weather
10.20pm The Graham Norton Show
11.20pm Nile Rodgers and Chic : Good Times 2017
11.55pm New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2017
12.10am Nile Rodgers and Chic : Good Times 2018
12.50am Michael McIntyre – Happy and Glorious
1.50am Film : Old School (2003)
3.25am Weather
​3.30am BBC News

New Year’s Day

6.00am Breakfast
9.00am Film : Cars 2 (2011)
10.40am Legend of the Boneknapper’s Dragon
10.55am Film : Bedtime Stories (2008)
12.25pm The Highway Rat
12.50pm The Archbishop of Canterbury’s New Year Message
1.00pm BBC News, Weather
1.15pm A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong
2.05pm Film : Shrek Forever After (2010)
3.30pm Blue PLanet II
5.00pm Film : Maleficent (2014)
6.30pm BBC News
6.45pm Regional News, Weather
6.55pm Grandpa’s Great Escape
8.00pm EastEnders
9.00pm McMafia
10.00pm Mrs Brown’s Boys
10.30pm BBC News
10.50pm Regional News, Weather
11.00pm Film : Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull (2008)
12.55am The Graham Norton Show
​1.55am Weather for the Week Ahead


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