Rugby World Cup 2015


Rugby World Cup 2015 – Live Games Match Schedule on Television – TV Schedule

The 2015 Rugby World Cup starts on the 18th September 2015.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup final will be played on the 31 October 2015 at England’s Twickenham Stadium.

Where can I watch RWC 2015?

Want to know where you can watch Rugby World Cup 2015 in your country?

ITV Sport will be the UK and worldwide host broadcaster for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.
In the UK ITV Sport will broadcast every match from the tournament live in the UK on ITV and / or ITV4.

Welsh language broadcaster S4C will show all of Wales’ pool games (and the opening match), along with one game from each corresponding knockout fixture.

In Ireland, TV3 and sister channel 3e will broadcast the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

In New Zealand, the 2015 Rugby World Cup will be broadcast by SKY TV

In Italy, the 2015 Rugby World Cup will be broadcast by Sky Sport (Italy).

In Spain, on Spanish TV, the 2015 Rugby World Cup will be broadcast by Canal+ on C+Deportes.
In France, the 2015 Rugby World Cup will be broadcast by TF1.

Rugby World Cup 2015 – Fixtures Schedule



Fri 18 Sept ENGLAND v FIJI (Twickenham, 8pm)

Sun 20 Sept WALES v URUGUAY (Millennium Stadium, 2.30pm)

Wed 23 Sept AUSTRALIA v FIJI (Millennium Stadium, 4.45pm)

Sat 26 Sept ENGLAND v WALES (Twickenham, 8pm)

Sun 27 Sept AUSTRALIA v URUGUAY (Villa Park, 12pm)

Thur 1 Oct WALES v FIJI (Millennium Stadium, 4.45pm)

Sat 3 Oct ENGLAND v AUSTRALIA (Twickenham, 8pm)

Tues 6 Oct FIJI v URUGUAY (Stadiummk, 8pm)

Sat 10 Oct AUSTRALIA v WALES (Twickenham, 4.45pm)

Sat 10 Oct ENGLAND v URUGUAY (Manchester City Stadium, 8pm)



Sat 19 Sept SOUTH AFRICA v JAPAN (Brighton Community Stadium, 4.45pm)

Sun 20 Sept SAMOA v USA (Brighton Community Stadium, 12pm)

Wed 23 Sept SCOTLAND v JAPAN (Kingsholm, 2.30pm)

Sat 26 Sept SOUTH AFRICA v SAMOA (Villa Park, 4.45pm)

Sun 27 Sept SCOTLAND v USA (Elland Road, 2.30pm)

Sat 3 Oct SAMOA v JAPAN (Stadiummk, 2.30pm)

Sat 3 Oct SOUTH AFRICA v SCOTLAND (St James Park, 4.45pm)

Wed 7 Oct SOUTH AFRICA v USA (Olympic Stadium, 4.45pm)

Sat 10 Oct SAMOA v SCOTLAND (St James Park, 2.30pm)

Sun 11 Oct USA v JAPAN (Kingsholm, 8pm)



Sat 19 Sept TONGA v GEORGIA (Kingsholm, 12pm)

Sun 20 Sept NEW ZEALAND v ARGENTINA (Wembley Stadium, 4.45pm)

Thur 24 Sept NEW ZEALAND v NAMIBIA (Olympic Stadium, 8pm)

Fri 25 Sept ARGENTINA v GEORGIA (Kingsholm, 4.45pm)

Tues 29 Sept TONGA v NAMIBIA (Sandy Park, 4.45pm)

Fri 2 Oct NEW ZEALAND v GEORGIA (Millennium Stadium, 8pm)

Sun 4 Oct ARGENTINA v TONGA (Leicester City Stadium, 2.30pm)

Wed 7 Oct NAMIBIA v GEORGIA (Sandy Park, 8pm)

Fri 9 Oct NEW ZEALAND v TONGA (St James Park, 8pm)

Sun 11 Oct ARGENTINA v NAMIBIA (Leicester City Stadium, 12pm)



Sat 19 Sept IRELAND v CANADA (Millennium Stadium, 2.30pm)

Sat 19 Sept FRANCE v ITALY (Twickenham, 8pm)

Wed 23 Sept FRANCE v ROMANIA (Olympic Stadium, 8pm)

Sat 26 Sept ITALY v CANADA (Elland Road, 2.30pm)

Sun 27 Sept IRELAND v ROMANIA (Wembley, 4.45pm)

Thur 1 Oct FRANCE v CANADA (Stadiummk, 8pm)

Sun 4 Oct IRELAND v ITALY (Olympic Stadium, 4.45pm)

Tues 6 Oct CANADA v ROMANIA (Leicester City Stadium, 4.45pm)

Sun 11 Oct ITALY v ROMANIA (Sandy Park, 2.30pm)

Sun 11 Oct FRANCE v IRELAND (Millennium Stadium, 4.45pm)


Sat 17 Oct QUARTER FINAL 1 TBC (Twickenham, 4pm)

Sat 17 Oct QUARTER FINAL 2 TBC (Millennium Stadium, 8pm)

Sun 18 Oct QUARTER FINAL 3 TBC (Millennium Stadium, 1pm)

Sun 18 Oct QUARTER FINAL 4 TBC (Twickenham, 4pm)

Sat 24 Oct SEMI FINAL 1 TBC (Twickenham, 4pm)

Sun 25 Oct SEMI FINAL 2 TBC (Twickenham, 4pm)

Fri 30 Oct BRONZE FINAL TBC (Olympic Stadium, 8pm)

Sat 31 Oct FINAL TBC (Twickenham, 4pm)

Kick-off times BST

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