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UKTVDirect from satellites on a small 60cm dish – Yeah Right — 4 Comments

  1. These “new” rebroadcasters are using Intelsat – a satellite company which is also used for distributing Freeview to the UK, and for links and feeds (i.e. used by news channels), and this company has close business ties with many official broadcasters.
    I am sure it can only be a matter of time before the satellite operator decides to take action against the person / company who is uplinking the “copyrighted material” to their satellite…

  2. A few companies on the Costa Blanca have been advertising this system in some of the English newspapers….so please be warned….

    It is not worth risking money on a “cowboy rebroadcasting system” that is transmitting unauthorsied channels and programmes, especially via a third party satellite operator that can remove the channels at anytime once they are made aware of the situation…

  3. Various forums
    and Digital Spy and many others have done some of their own investigations onto this system and found that apparently:

    The system is operated by a German man who is based in Murcia
    The uplink for the satellites is actually in Morocco
    They use a number of dishes around Spain to get a signal, which is why sometimes there is a poor BBC2 signal and then suddenly a good BBC2 as they switch from one location to another.
    and apparently some of Intelsats Terms and Conditions of carriage have been broken

    There have been other points made about the system, but they have been deleted from the forums / internet pages, so I can no longer reference back to them.

    I suppose its just a matter of time as to how long will the legal process take for the UK broadcasters to get Intelsat remove this system from their satellite.

    Incidentally according to certain forums, with the correct receivers, you can now access these channels without a viewing card, as it is now available on card sharing networks (not going into that on this website, but have a look around yourself!), so you can access it for free, as opposed to the 300euros a year being asked, for how ever long it lasts for! Yep, the pirates are being pirated….!

  4. there is a post or two in this thread
    that would interest any lawyers keeping an eye out on this system…

    and it is a funny read also especially the “non answers” and “answer avoidance” techniques from the agent selling the system. in his first posts about the system he claimed the system was available on a 60cm dish, but now he says you may need a 1.8m dish (at least for Cyprus).

    from a dealer selling this system
    All our installers can sell our cards & receivers
    I think this suggestes that that this is NOT a private / personal or a secure broadcast system, as viewing cards are on general sale. This is one suggestion as to why the system cannot be closed down (as it was seen to be a private / personal system and not open to the public, which we know it is actually is!)

    A question posted by a forum member:
    Is this system legally (ie have permission from the channels themselves) using the UK TV signals?
    and the answer was a not surprising
    This proves the point that , although there are no TV channels identifiers on the actual satellite data, the the system is used for the illegal rebroadcast for profit of copyrighted material without the permission from the actual copyright holders, as confirmed by one of their “agents”

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