Feb 022013

Disney Cinemagic to close in March 2013

The Disney Cinemagic channel will be closing in late March, so it’ll no longer appear on your Sky TV Guide from this time.

If you don’t have the Sky Movies Pack but pay for Disney Cinemagic as a standalone channel, you’ll no longer see this channel on your bill.

Frequently Asked Questions
1.I have the Sky Movies Pack. Will my bill be affected when Disney Cinemagic closes?
No. Your bill will remain exactly the same as you receive Disney Cinemagic as a bonus channel with your Sky Movies Pack.

2.I don’t have the Sky Movies Pack (Sky Movies 1&2) but I pay for Disney Cinemagic as a standalone channel. How can I keep watching Disney movies when Disney Cinemagic closes?
You’ll have received a letter about the changes and how they affect you. There are dozens of Disney and other family movies available on the Sky Movies channels, to help keep everyone entertained.


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