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BBC channel to move from astra 1N to Astra 2N this week — 71 Comments

  1. Hi, I need to understand this move more; bbC moving from Astra 1N to Astra 2N? How does this move affect us here on Costablanca Spain. To still get bbc do we change Freq. and redirect dish.
    Thanks John.
    Email if you wish. jgoodhew1@googlemail.com

    • Until a frequency on 2Es uk beam is fired up, we simply do not know what reception of the UK beam will be like here.
      So until the BBCs actually move, we may not know.
      You do not have to do anything, the channels are staying on the same frequencies, and the new satellite is in the same location as the other UK TV satellites.

  2. Interesting reading the BBC statement about the change of their channel to the new UK TV satellite.

    They say that in Europe, “there may be a slight reduction in coverage with the need for a larger receive antenna.”

    “Slight reduction”.

    interesting phrase….

    Perhaps the feared new uk beam is not as tight as everyone thought….

  3. I recorded a program on BBC4 HD between 9 and 10pm last night,when we tried to watch it it had pixellated badly in places. This is the first time since the move to 1N that we’ve had this problem.
    Coincidence, or have Astra moved some channels early? For info I live near Denia. Regards, Dave

    • Dave: BBC4HD has not moved satellites early. And BBC4HD has never been on Astra 1N. It started on Astra 2F in December 2013. your pixelation would be die to something like your dish is too small, wind moving / wobbling the dish, heavy clouds, or something else…And if you read the main post, you can see that the BBC say BBC 4 HD will remain on its current satellite, Astra2F, and will not be part of the moves of BBC channels to Astra 2E.

      • Thanks for your reply, that’s good to know. I have a 2.4m dish which hasn’t moved since it was installed 9 years ago, but have only just updated my Freesat channels to include BB4HD, so just put 2 and 2 together and made 15! I have regularly recorded stuff on BBC4 late at night without any problems, is that on a different satellite? If so, I’ll use that in future for recordings.

  4. Here in Mojacar, Almeria, we have lost the BBC feed when I turned on the TV at 6 AM. Will consult the house owner about sat dish details and what remedial action is required.
    I am receiving your BBC 1 feed on your website but with echo.

  5. Hi, have lost BBC 1 London, but get BBC 1 on other Stations; Best BBC 1 South. Even though a slight break up at times. Is this because the Signal is now lower? Is this the finish now of movements to BBC 1? Are thee other Channels next; ITV, Ch.4, Film 4?
    Thanks for your valued advice, John.

    • Yes, it appears the 2E signal is slightly lower than the 2F signal. I would also suggest that maybe there is a slight difference in vertical and horizontal frequencies – which is why some regions may be better than others.
      All BBC moves have been completed.
      Next are ITV and C4 channels…

  6. Hello – I live just south of Granada, Southern Spain. I moved house 10 months ago and there was a 1.2m dish with the property but not set up/pointing the right direction. We never bothered getting someone out to align it as we knew there would be a switch off at some point and wanted to wait for the dust to settle (we had no UK tv for the first 6+ years we lived here, so not massively bothered). I’ve only just read these reports of bbc4HD and cbeebies HD (along with BBC1 Scotland HD) being unaffected though. Do you feel if i bought a Humax HD receiver for 99 quid off amazon and had the dish realigned, then i would get these channels for the foreseeable future? The kids ones and bbc4 happen to be the only ones the family ever watched anyway, and events like the winter olympics, when i would ever watch bbc1, would seemingly also be available on Scotland HD. Thanks for any advice..

      • Thanks for the prompt response – if the HD signals are sketchy with a 1.2 down here then will probably stick to cherry-picking the docs of interest off the internet, as we’ve been doing since the move, rather than invest in a monster dish for just a couple of stations.

        Thanks for all the info on your site BTW – I found it when trying to solve the ‘change the default transponder number’ after a power-cut problem a couple of years ago and it’s been my source of no B.S sat-tv info since then!
        Best Regards.

  7. Lat.. 38.0661 Long.. -0.7817

    Location Costa Blanca South 12km north of Torrevieja

    Community Freesat system 1.85 dia dish with VIACOM LNB

    12.00am Thursday. All BBC channels well received incl all HD channels.

    Any ideas when ITV channels will migrate to 2E?

    John Massey – Algorfa

  8. I’m in Ibiza with a Channel Master/Andrews 1.8m satellite dish and a Humax freesat box. All BBC channels including HD working fine here.

  9. Lost all BBC standard def channels today. Located on the Catalan coast, 60km north of Barcelona. 80cm with irdeto 0.1dB which was great in all but the worst weather before today.

  10. Hi Jon as stated before London BBC gone, but got good reception on BBC South and some others; Until 4.00 pm, then all BBC went. Does this mean a re direction of Dish, or can I enter a new Frequency. Or would I get away with using a larger Dish? The Dish at present is a 1 Mtr. I still have a 2.4 Dish. Could I use my 2.4 without the fins attached; With them attached it could well invade someones view.
    Thanks Jon.

    • The dish may need a slight adjustment if it was already out of alignment.
      No BBC Chanenls changed frequencies in the move.
      All BBC channels are already on the Sky and Freest channel list – you can add no more.
      We have found a 1m dish in some areas is simply too small, so a larger dish may be the solution for you. No need for the “fins”.

  11. I have Lost all BBC channels including radio. I have a 1.8 meter dish and live near Florence in Tuscany Italy. All help or suggestions welcome.

  12. Hi, I am receiving all BBC channels ok in Playa Flamenca just south of Torrevieja. I have a 1.9 dish and using a Humax Freesat box. Have noted that the single strength has gone from 100% to 90% and a little bit lower for the HD channels. This signal is still stronger than I had when my system was originally fitted in March 2010 using the old Astra satellite. So fingers crossed that all will stay ok when ITV etc. move to 2E.

    • Signals strength displayed on freesat boxes will change depending on which channel you are watching. But if you are getting BBC channels now, then you should be OK when ITVs move next week

  13. Hi Jon, you said I can use my 2.4 Mtr Dish without the fins. The LMB IS A C120 uni twin. Is that O/K. The twin bit, does that mean I can run 2 outputs same time with 2 Boxes?
    Cheers John.

  14. Hello, I am in Rincon de la Victoria, Andalucia, due to losing channels i have bought today a Technomate TM-5402 sat receiver, my dish is 2.4m, which satellite would you recommend i align my dish too ? i.e Intelsat 907…. thank you for you help !!

  15. Hello, thank you for your response, yes on my 2.4m dish BBC channels gone….. plus reading your blog ITV from Tuesday will also be lost…
    What satellite would you align a dish too if Intelsat 907 is a little complex using my technomate ?
    Regards Wayne.

    • Depends what channels you want a to where you want to align your dish to.
      The UK TV channels come from one and ONLY one group of satellites – at28 east – the astra 2 group.
      They are not available on any other satellite.
      A small selection of channels is on Intelsat.
      If you cannot get the channels you want from Astra 2 or Intelsat, then you have no other satellites to get them from.

  16. Hi, I’m in Pinar de Campoverde, Costa Blanca south, I lost the BBC channels, I have a 1 meter dish, can you advise what size dish i would need to get them back plus I assume I’ll lose the rest once they move.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


  17. have all bbc channels on 1.85m dish la manga costa calida. however cannot get any signel on 11024 h for bbc news hd any ideas why? do i need realignment or something?

    • Some frequencies may have better reception that others. Specifically, as you may have found, some vertical frequencies may have better reception than horizontal frequencies. Also, some HD channels have, without getting too technical, more sensitive frequency settings, so there is less tolerance if your dish is not perfectly aligned.

  18. Hi satandpcguy,

    I think there’s a reception report on the map wrongly placed. Did you mean Quesada (Jaen) or Ciudad Quesada (Alicante)? I think you meant Ciudad Quesada (Alicante). Please, correct it if I’m right.

    • I would have expected a 1.4m dish in Quesada Jaen will not be receiving the channels and a 1.4m dish in Ciudad Quesada. But that I not from one of my reports I have submitted, but someone else who has submitted to the “map master”

  19. Hi Jon, has itv moved yet? Signal gone weak. Very windy though. Anyway, 1 thing I cannot comprehend, of which I know you will put me right, is this, on Services re Sig. Strength, I have 100 % Sig, and say 85 % Quality. How is it then that I have lost BBC due to low Sig. strength? Is this the case that say BBC use the Sky Satellites, that reflect the Sig. to wherever from them at whatever BBC decides the strength to be ?
    For me also to understand more of this, is there somewhere on the net that would show a Map if you like of the Satellites in orbit?
    Have a great evening, John.
    ps Have set up my 2.4 dish now without the fins, ready to direct hopefully tomorrow.

    • Does this bog post help:

      The signal test screen on a sky box only measures one frequency – the default transponder frequency. BBC channel are on another frequency, no shown on that screen. As UK TV comes from around 100 frequencies, some better than others, it is perfectly reasonable for the test screen to show good signal for that one frequency, but other frequencies that it does not measure have no signal.

      Sky do not own the satellite. Sky, and the BBC ITV and all the other channel operators rent the frequencies from the satellite owners SES and Eutelsat.

      The beams of the satellite have been designed by SES as per their customers wishes, in the case of BBC ITV C4 and Fives, to limit overspill into Europe.

  20. BBC lost Mon am, now Tues 11th, all ITV channels gone.dish 1.8. will I be able to reinstall all UK channels, or will I have to renew my dish? Wifey getting withdrawal symptoms for her soaps.
    Mazarron near Murcia

  21. Hi Jon, simply this, have tried to set Dish, but still no sig. I know it could take days, and patience. So that I am certain all O/K, is there a way of checking my LMB and all connections?
    Have a great evening, John, Campello.

    • It all depends how and what you are doing – eg what type of signal meter you are using – a beeper or a professional meter?
      If a beeper, is that getting power from the receiver OK?
      If no signal at all then either a) you are on the wrong satellites, b) your LNB is failing, c) your receiver is failing, d) you have poor connections somewhere.

    • The channels you have lost have not changed frequencies.
      They changed satellites.
      And it is simply your dish is now too small where you are to receive these channels.
      No amount of “new codes” can help if your dish is too small to receive the signals in the first place.
      And all BBC regions available to you area already on Sky and Freesat channel list anyway.

  22. Hi Jon – I have an apartment on the Oasis Park development in El Verger – is our dish there big enough to carry on getting BBC etc?

  23. I’ve just arrived back in Lanzarote – first time since December 2013 when all UK reception was fine – and all BBC and ITV channels have disappeared! The only UK channels I can get with a blind search on my technomate 5402HD box are the Sky range including CH4, More4, E4 and SC4 inc SD and HD. The blind search doesn’t seem to find any channels at all from frequency 10700 to 11200? The dish on our apartment block is a huge – about 3m so I don’t think its a dish problem?

    • Just because you have a “huge” dish does not mean it is not the problem.
      In fact it is likely to be the problem – it may not be aligned properly, or it is just too small to receive the main UK TV channels on it since their move to their new satellites.
      Does anyone else apartment block get those channels? if they do then it is your cabling / receiver. IF they do not then it is dish size.

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