Apr 202015

Game of Thrones fans who downloaded the season five episodes that leaked onto torrent sites early are receiving warning letters on behalf of HBO.

According to reports, HBO is tracking down the people who watched those leaked “Game of Thrones” episodes. Though no serious legal action is being taken at the moment, the company is said to have sent “thousands of warnings” to those with Internet connections that shared the shows.

Through anti-piracy partner IP-Echelon, HBO is reportedly telling providers to “contact the subscriber” and “take appropriate action.” The company tells HuffPost the anti-piracy efforts it’s implementing are “standard operating procedure.”

According to various sources, no strict legal action is being taken because HBO doesn’t have any violator names, but pirates should be wary. Especially those dodgy “IPTV” services that download the pirated versions to upload onto their servers for their clients, which just goes to prove that the content they offer is not always legal!


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