Telefonica Movistar ADSL Internet Settings

Movistar ADSL Internet Settings

These are the Telefonica ADSL / Broadband configuration settings that are required for your ADSL modem or router for connection to your Telefonica ADSL / Broadband internet connection.

Generally, the Telefónica ADSL settings are:

VPI/VCI 8/32
Encapsulation Mode LLC/SNAP
user name adslppp@telefonicanetpa
password adslppp
DNS [] and []

You will have to consult your ADSL Router or ADSL modem user guide for how to configure these settings in your router or modem, as the process differs between make and model. In many cases ADSL routers and modems supplied by Telefonica come with an installation CD / DVD disk that configures all this information automatically.

I do not know if this is still operational, but if you loose your ADSL configuration settings (or buy a new router), one way to get your configuration details from Telefonica is to call 900 502 010 from the telephone line your Telefonica ADSL runs on.

You get through to a computer that tells you your Telefonica ADSL configuration. Have a pen handy. It’s free, so you can call as many times as you like. Again, it only gives you the Telefonica ADSL configuration for that line you’re calling from. It is in Spanish.