Swiss TV in Spain. Swiss Satellite TV Channels in Spain

The programming is in German, and is broadcast primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Most of the Swiss TV channels are transmitted from the Astra 19.2°E satellite position, using the Astra 1K, Astra 1L, Astra 1M and Astra 1N satellites.

Most of the Swiss TV satellites on satellite are available subscription free.

Some of the Swiss TV channels are simply German TV channels with adverts for the Swiss inserted.


Swiss TV channel

The following is a list of television channels broadcast in Switzerland:

SF 1: the first of the three national German-language channels in Switzerland (the others being SF zwei and SF info).
RTS Un: the first Swiss French language public television channel. It is owned by Télévision Suisse Romande.
RSI La 1: general television channel broadcasting in Italian for the Italian-speaking Swiss in the whole country.
HD suisse: 24-hour, high-definition television channel.
German-speaking Switzerland
SF zwei
SF info
Sat.1 Schweiz: Swiss version of Sat.1.
3+: Swiss general programming channel broadcasting since 2006.
Viva Schweiz: Swiss version of Viva.
RTL Schweiz: Swiss version of RTL.
RTL II Schweiz: Swiss version of RTL II.
Vox Schweiz: Swiss version of Vox.
ProSieben Schweiz: Swiss version of ProSieben.
Kabel 1 Schweiz: Swiss version of Kabel 1.
French-speaking Switzerland
RTS Deux: public television channel owned by Télévision Suisse Romande.
Rouge TV: private musical channel, primarily aimed at the 15-34 demographics.
TVM3: first private channel allowed to broadcast in the whole Romandy after the shutdown of Télécinéromandie.
TV5MONDE: global television network, broadcasting several channels of French language programming.
TF1 Suisse: Swiss version of TF1.
M6 Suisse: Swiss version of Métropole 6.
W9 Suisse: Swiss version of W9.


Swiss TV in Spain with a satellite dish

Many of these Swiss TV channels are available for free, with no viewing card or subscription.

Many of these channels are available to all of Europe and North Africa and West Asia via the Astra 1 satellites located at 19 degrees east of south.

Swiss TV in Spain can be received on a 60cm satellite dish, although an 80cm satellite dish is recommended.


Swiss Cable Javea

Swiss Cable TV Service operating in the Javea area of Spain, which is unrelated to and Swiss TV channels or Swiss law. Swiss Cable Javea are a rebroadcasting cable company, rebroadcasting TV channels to clients in the Javea area via cable or a “beam” service.



There is an IPTV operator calling themselves “Zurich-kabel-tv” that primarily offers IPTV in Tenerife. I believe they are not connected to an Swiss broadcaster, but they like people to think they are, quoting Swiss law suggesting they can legally retransmit content from Swiss TV providers to other areas of the world. However:

“In Switzerland, it’s legal to retransmit services that can be received via satellite overspill, as long as rights holders are compensated.

Some IPTV operators based in Switzerland have taken advantage of this rule to relay services back out of Switzerland, but this is an area of legal contention, especially when the broadcasts are transmitted back in to the EU, where broadcasters must provide permission for such retransmissions as per a recent court ruling.

Rogue operators which retransmit Swiss cable TV via the internet, often with websites that highlight the legality of receiving British TV in Switzerland, fail to mention that such retransmission of services falls foul of the terms and conditions of the cable operators.

While copyright/royalty fees are being paid by the cable operator on the basis of domestic users accessing the service, unauthorised retransmissions are not covered. Services are thus accessed at a user’s own risk and may be closed down without notice.”

According to their website, their website technical contact is a Janine Alder, who coincidently, is also the name of a Swiss Ice Hockey player. Make of that what you will…


Satellite TV Installers in Switzerland

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