Jul 022014

TVE is to close their free-to-air (FTA) sports channel Teledeporte.

This is to help reduce the company’s huge debt.

The company announced the plan immediately after receiving an input of €130 million from the Spanish Government in order to compensate this year’s fall in revenue.

Although Teledeporte will not close totally.

Teledeporte will become an online streaming channel. Most of Teledeportes programming will be integrated into La 2, TVE’s second channel.

Aug 042013

Internet television provider has agreed a deal with Spanish state broadcaster TVE to stream an international version of the channel on a global basis.

The arrangement will see FilmOn become the first ever IPTV provider to enter into an agreement with TVE to stream the broadcaster’s content straight to PCs and smartphones on a revenue share basis.

It will enable FilmOn users around the world to access premium Spanish content regardless of which territory they are in at the time. TVE is the first European state broadcaster to embrace the world of digital in this way via FilmOn, which already boasts 500 other channels that are mostly under licence from private broadcasters.

It is unknown if this will be the actual TVE La1 or La2 channel, or simply the TVE International channel that is already available for free on many satellites.

Aug 012013

TVE purchase the rights to broadcast the next four Vuelta de Espana.

Spanish television broadcasts for the Tour of Spain / Vuelta de Espana for 2013, plus the next three seasons, have been agreed and renewed by RTVE.

In a statement, the public broadcaster said that the Vuelta de Espana will be seen live on Teledeporte and this year also in HD via TVE-HD while the most prominent stages will be available on La1. Again, the commentators of the event will be Carlos de Andres and Pedro Delgado.

The Tour of Spain 2013 will be held from Saturday August 24 to Sunday September 15, 2013 and will feature 21 stages with a total distance of 3,319 kilometers. The 68th edition will Vilanova de Arosa and ending in Madrid.