Jun 052014

Today the BISS Keys for the BBC SATBACK service on Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west changed.

This meant the loss of UK TV channels for expats in Portugal and South of Spain using this systems, until the new codes are known and input into their receiver.



Interestingly this code change comes only 4 months after the last key change. In the past code changes have been around 6 months. It may be these code changes start to happen on a more regular basis as the service owners become more aware of people hacking into their systems.





  4 Responses to “Intelsat 907 – Biss Key Change today”

  1. where are the new bias keys published

  2. Typical …. I finally get round to setting my dish and receiver up today and they change the codes

    • Have they?
      I have seen no code changes, and there has not been the deluge of emails to me asking for the codes, as has happened in the past.
      And not on of my sources have reported any code change either..

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