Jul 242014

Sky Sport Channel Number Changes in August 2014

Sky Sports will be having a small channel number change over on the 12th August 2014.

This coincides with the launch of Sky Sports 5 ( ) and the relaunch of Sky Sports News.

Sky Sports News will relaunch on channel 401 as Sky Sports News HQ from August 12.

Sky Sports News HQ will launch on Sky channel 401, providing viewers with an unrivalled sports news service plus a showcase of other content on the Sky Sports channels.

Other Sky Sports channels will move one slot up the Sky digital EPG.

The new Sky Sports channel portfolio will realign to the following EPG numbers on 12 August 2014:

Sky Sports News HQ – 401

Sky Sports 1 – 402

Sky Sports 2 – 403

Sky Sports 3 – 404

Sky Sports 4 – 405

Sky Sports 5 – 406

Sky Sports F1 – 407




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  1. Would have thought it better to have Sky Sports News HQ on 400, and SS1 on 401, SS2 on 402, SS3 on 403, SS4 on 404 and SS5 on 405, with F1 on 407.

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