Jul 192015

Browsing the local expat newspapers this weekend, I looked at the adverts from other satellite TV companies in the area.

One advert from one company caught my eye.

One of their installation options offered a “Ferguson Freesat HD digibox”.

However Ferguson do not make a Freesat receiver.

None of their receivers have the Freesat logo, Freesat software, Freesat Programme Guide, or Freesat Automatic Updates.

If it does not have the Freesat logo, then it is not Freesat.


You can only receive Freesat on Freesat branded satellite receivers.

Ferguson do make various models of satellite receiver, one of the most popular being the Ferguson Ariva.

Now this Ferguson Ariva satellite receiver is not a Freesat branded product, does not have the Freesat 7 day Programme Guide, and only has “now and next” programme information.

But then this does not just apply to the Ferguson Ariva. Other satellite receivers such as GI (Galaxy Innovations) and Iberosat are also called “Freesat” receivers by some installers.

These satellite receivers may receive the same “free to air” channels that are available on Freesat, but they certainly are not Freesat receivers.

In the same way, some satellite installers still use the term “Freeview” to describe their satellite TV systems. Freeview is the name of the UK TV system received by a TV aerial. Freeview IS NOT available in Spain, as the Freeview signals transmitted from the land based masts simply do not reach Spain.

Installers should not confuse things by using incorrect names and terminology…as it may mislead the customers.


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