Jul 192015

After reading a few posts on an UK Expat website, about reception of UK TV in Spain, many posters were getting confused with some of the “brand names” being used.

People were recommending a Dreambox, but people were getting confused between the Dreambox satellite receiver, and the Android TV box that is being sold in Spain under the name DreamboxTV.

A Dreambox is a make of satellite receiver that receives is TV signals via a satellite dish.
A Dreambox can be used to watch subscription free and Pay tv Channels (with the correct viewing card)

But a Dreambox was popular few years ago, as one of its main features was its ability to “cardshare”.
Cardshare allows you to connect to a server via the internet which then provides the Dreambox with the “unlock” codes to unencrypt pay TV satellite channels, without your own viewing card.
Obviously, watching Pay TV channels without the correct viewing card and subscription is illegal.


A Dreambox satellite receiver is not to be confused with an Android Internet TV box that is being sold in Spain under the name DreamboxTV.

The DreamboxTV is an Android “smart” TV box, that uses software called Kodi (previously XBMC), to link to TV streams on the internet.


Similar names, but different methods of watching TV.

In the UK, the Police and FACT have started to raid and prosecute people selling such Android / Kodi systems. (see out previous blog entry –


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