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  1. My Freesat box has stopped working I’ve changed the batteries does
    Nothing the STB button or TV button doesn’t light up when I press them

    • The box is probably still working, it just your remote is not working.

      If neither STB or TV light is lighting up then when you press a button on the remote, check the batteries, you may have old ones, or have them inserted incorrectly. Also, if one button is stuck down, this can also block the remote from working, so press all buttons on the remote to make sure the “pop” back out again.
      Failing that, then you will need a new remote…

  2. Many many thanks for this have had a Humax for a couple of days and was going nuts trying to sort the remote problem out.
    Nothing in the instructions and endless online advice was no help at all, thank goodness I stumbled across your page

    • Have just had exactly the same experience. only got the box today and thought I’d have send it back, Many thanks to the chaps on here.

  3. Thank you so much for your advice, it worked a treat unlike all the other ‘fixes’ I’ve been looking up online, my Humax was about to end up in the bin.

  4. In an English owned rental property in France and can’t align their Samsung tv controller with the Freesat Humax controller. When I turn on Samsung power, only BBC is available onscreen via the HDMI option. When I switch to TV option on the Samsung…I get nothing more than poor or weak signal.
    When I hit the power button on the Humax controls, STB lights up but there doesn’t seem to be any connection to the tv, at least nothing happens.

    • Your Samsung TB remote is used to control the Samsung TV.
      When you press the TV option on the Samsung TV remote, you are asking the Samsung TV to change from the HDMI input to the TV aerial input. If you are not getting anything on this TV aerial input (ie the weak or no signal message you are seeing), then either you have no TV aerial , no tv aerial connected, or not scanned in the channels…for which as you are in France will only get the French tv channels.
      You cannot, as far as i know, use your Samsung TV remote control to control a Humax Freesat set top box.

      Your Humax Freesat remote control is used to control the Humax Freesat Set Top Box.
      Set Top Box – ie STB on the remote control.
      Hence why in STB mode on your Humax Freesat remote your TV does not do anything, but the Humax Freesat box does things as per the button presses on the Humax Freesat remote control

      So you use your Samung remote to control the Samsung TV, and the Humax Freesat remote to control the Humax Freesat Set Top Box.

  5. thank you, thank you, cannot believe just by pressing the STB button my tv is working again, .just been to PC World, no help

    from them,. so glad I found you.

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  7. I have the problem that the remote isn’t working even though the STB button lights up. I’ve fitted new batteries and fiddled with them too, but to no avail. Does this mean that the remote has died, or the box? The green light on the box is on all the time and I can’t turn it off, access the TV guide or switch channels – stuck on BBC 1! Hopefully there’s some perfectly simple explanation that I’ve missed …

  8. Thanks! I feel like a twit now – so obvious yet so stressful before I found this page. Thanks for saving me from myself – was about to return our brand new box!

  9. My freeway humax will not turn on my box if I turn it on manually then I cannot change channels. The tv red light comes on when I press it mine has a STB button on the left hand side. I have tried power off and new batteries. I vaguely remember it doing it along time ago and I think I pressed some number to sync it back to box but cannot remember.

    • As per the main post, if when you press a button on the Humax remote control, and as you say, the red TV light lights up, then your remote in in TV mode and trying to control a TV. Press the STB (Set Top Box) button, and the remote will start to control the Humax box again, allowing you to change channels.

  10. Thanks for this! My dog lay on the remote then it wouldn’t work – luckily I found your page through google and didn’t have to phone my husband 😉

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  12. Thanks so much, just had same problem as Pam Thomas, you solved in 20 mins what I thought would be at least £100 (uk) pounds callout and loads of faffing, being in at right time etc etc….thanks a mill.

  13. Having same problem, STB lights up but doesn’t select or move unless you get closer to box and keep pressing. have changed batteries, unplugged from mains for a few minutes. It worked a little better for one second and then the same thing, not operating at all.

    • Try a reboot of the box?
      But either you have some interference (ie something in the area on similar frequency blocking the signals), or you may need a new remote if buttons have become overused

    • I have exactly the same problem. & I’ve got 2 official humax handsets & a generic one . All have problems in communicating with the box, several presses required before the desired action happens. It was fine on orig purchase & occasionally (but rarely) behaves itself in operating normally . Could it be a problem with the sensor in the human box itself ? Some interference ?

    • Would be the easiest way…
      It may be a button somewhere else that has stuck, the OK button has a tendency to do this if overused, and make sure all buttons “pop” back out when you press them…

  14. I just found out the problem I had was due to the 2 infa-red sensor pads (for the magic eye, which allows the Humax to be controlled from the bedroom upstairs) interfering with the Humax box remote control sensor. I moved the 2 sensors well away from the Humax infr-red sensor & now remote control actions works perfectly. Unfortunately it now means we cant operate the Humax from upstairs.

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  16. Many thanks indeed for the solution to a frozen Humax remote. The problem has occured several times over the past couple of years and I have obviously cured it by random button pressing.

    For the first time a clear path to what I needed to do, and it worked a treat. Shame on Humax for not specifying this issue.

  17. We are also having problems suggesting that the infra red on our Humax is not receiving the signal from either of the several Humax remotes we own unless held right up to the Humax box

    Can you help please?
    Thanks in advance

  18. I have the opposite problem. The STB button is constantly flashing red. None of the buttons work now. Nothing I do makes it stop. Help!!!

    • Sounds like one of the button sis “stuck” down….hence the constantly flashing light, and inability for other buttons to work.
      Simply press all buttons on the remote one by one, and make sure they press down and pop back up…i find the middle OK button is usually the culprit.

  19. My box turns on (when we press the button on the box). The remote ‘STB’ lights up when we press the power button on the remote. But the box doesn’t respond to anything from the remote. I have changed batteries. Unplugged the box and left it, turning back on. Still nothing I’m stuck on channel 4 – awful.

    So in short, it seems the box and remote work. Just not together. Everything was fine last night.

    Please help,

    Thank you


    • Make sure the STB light is lighting up.
      Make sure all buttons “pop” out – ie press all buttons to make sure. Sometime the OK button can not pop back out, blocking the remote from working.
      Reboot your Humax box
      Make sure there are no other remote or infra red things in the area that may affect…

  20. Hi – I’ve exactly the same problem as Greg – had the Humax box one year, one week now – I have another one in the lounge – both with Panasonic TVs – and the controls on both boxes have the same problem. Curries don’t want to know – and with the coronavirus, wouldn’t want to even get any engineer out for the next few months Help !!! Sandra

    • Make sure the STB light is lighting up.
      Make sure all buttons “pop” out – ie press all buttons to make sure. Sometime the OK button can not pop back out, blocking the remote from working.
      Reboot your Humax box
      Make sure there are no other remote or infra red things in the area that may affect…

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  22. Yet another freesat remote question if you can stand it ! I have just had a replacement controller from humax, my old controller would switch on the tv by pressing TV and then the ON button, then I pressed the STB button and ON and the stb came on, ie both would switch on and off via the humax controller. On the new one I can’t seem to get it to operate the tv as well as the box ???

    • Depends if the new remote you have can be programmed to control a TV
      If so then you will need to programme it using the specific code for the TV

  23. I have a Samsung tv with a Sonos sound bar together with a freesat Humax box (HDR 1100S).
    Now when I turn on TV I get the usual ‘searching for signals’ but when I then press top right button on freesat Humax remote it won’t go any further. Batteries changed, STB button lighting up and have checked all other buttons on remote are ok and popping up.
    Also tried switching off/on Humax box but to no avail.
    The only thing I’ve done differently since last using the tv was to use Sonos for listening to the radio. Is there likely to be any connection? Can anyone please help as this is doing my head in?!!

    • Assuming your Humax box is actually turned on , perhaps your TV is on the wrong Input / Source, hence the “searching for signals” message, as it is looking for a signal that is on another input?
      Or, if your Humax goes to the TV via the Sonos, perhaps your Sono is not on the right input for the Humax box?

  24. Just purchase a new remote Freesat to replac.e a non working one think been using a day now Freesat froze, reset box tried resetting remote but all non working remote tried each button,stub flashing after each command but box does not action box is 100s about 10 plus years old do I need new box tried everything which is on here ??

  25. Hi .. had my Humax 1100s for a few years now and just recently some of the buttons on the remote have stopped working. Most are fine but a liitle group around the recording, fast forward/reverse area won’t work or just occasionally. I think it is a mechanical problem .. maybe the buttons are just worn out. Is this fixable? If I buy a new remote, wil it automatically work with my box?

    • Over use happen with all remotes.
      So buttons dont “pop” back or make contact correctly.
      You can try and open it up and self repair.
      Or buy another Humax remote, which will automatically work with your box (as long as you get the correct Humax remote for your box)

  26. Hi, I have tried everything but yet my remote still doesn’t work the lights come up on the remote and the box works but my remote can’t control the box

    • If STB light is lighting up, then the remote is working and tying to control the Humax Box. But it is a box problem. So reboot your box and it should work again.
      If TV light is lighting up, then the remote is trying to control a TV…so press STB and the remote will control the Humax box

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  28. The problem we have is when using the controller it jumps rapidly between channels and scrolling through the guide is not possible.

    • Never heard of that before, perhaps buttons re “sticking” down, so registering as multiple presses?

  29. I’ve got the same problem. It seems to me that the automatic connection between the remote and the receiver isn’t working. Rebooting both doesn’t work. Any other suggestions?

  30. My control doesn’t connect to the box when I press numbers the STB light up but is faded. Then we keep pressing the on and off button some times works again. Is brand new batteries as well

  31. switch off then switch on after a moment. All back to normal. Thank you, whoever posted this solution, saved my marriage.

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  33. Extract from my Humax user guide so that the remote will default to normal mode.
    Select the TV button on the remote control. The button will blink once.
    keep the button pressed for 3 seconds until the button stays alight.
    when no code is entered for 1-minute the universal setting mode will switch to normal mode.
    Normal mode is what I wanted and is now what I’ve got.

  34. I have the Humax FVP-5000T. After wrestling with the Universal Remote for ages we still cannot turn the Hitachi TV on with it. However, once turned on with the Hitachi remote we can turn off both the TV and the Humax box via the Universal Remote. Strange or what? Any suggestions to resolve this would be appreciated.

    • Perhaps your TV settings are set so it detects of other connected devices are being turned off, then your TV turns off also…so may not tçbe the universal remote doing it to the TV, but the universal remote doing it to the humax, and the huamx is telling the tv to turn off

  35. Remote for a Humax PVR-9300T stopped working – this is an old box and remote does not have lights and buttons as shown in video posts. Remote for a similar Humax from another room does work – batteries not the problem. Advice appreciated please. Sam.

  36. We have a HDR 2000T – the PVR button would not light up – (same as STB button) – TV button lit up and every time I pressed a button the TV light lit up – but only way top change channels was on the Humax front box. Checked and all buttons were ‘popped out’ / switched off and let it reboot / reset – all to no avail. Finally got a thin blade and worked it around the joint until I found the press click areas – inserted blade in and slowly opened the unit up. Removed ‘rubber keyboard mat and push the PVR button out by hand and the TV button – nothing appeared broken or burnt … reassembled and IT WORKED – not quite sure why – but it works. Just in case someone else has a problem

  37. If you have had your remote for some time try using your most powerful vacuum cleaner on the buttons.
    Worked for me

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  39. I think I love you ! Spent all afternoon unplugging plugging changing batteries crying and then I found this little gem Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

  40. My Humax Freesat box has been working OK but I have lost my signal on channel 5 and the other 5 channels in the last 3 weeks can you please give me some advice please I live in Los montesinos Thanks in advance have checked for spiders

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