Jun 092019

A story about satellite dish performance in the Costa Blanca North area…

I told this story to a colleague this week, who found it amusing also..

A few weeks ago I was installing a satellite dish for a client, who wanted UK Freesat.
The client was inside waiting for me to finish, when a neighbour who was walking along the street by the house stopped to look at me at work, and shouted if he could ask me a few questions.
No problem I said, how can i help?

What size of satellite dish was I installing.
A 110x120cm satellite dish, i replied, as the install location was not good enough for my recommended 125x135cm satellite dish.
Oh, said the neighbour.
Then, after a lengthy pause another question, what make of dish is it, a Famaval? No, i reply, not a Famaval.
Another lengthy pause and then “My installer says only a 1.4m Famaval satellite dish will get any UK TV signals in this area.”
“Do you get ITV1 HD ?” I ask.
“No, my installer says that channel is not available in Spain as it is such a weak signal” is the reply.
I then show him on my signal meter ITV1 HD coming through nice and clear on a satellite dish his installer says is no good.
A very lengthy pause follows, followed by a muffled “thank you, very useful”, and off he goes.
I was expecting him to return after a few minutes with either more questions, or even to see if i could go around to his house to have a look at his satellite system, or even ask for my business card, but nothing.
It could be his dish just needs a bit of a alignment tweak, or a slight adjustment of the LNB. Maybe a better LNB is required, as quite a few LNBs I have seen do have trouble getting some of the weaker channels.
We shall see what happens…


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