What satellite do I use for UK Satellite TV in Spain?

The UK TV channels available by Sky TV use the Astra 2 group of satellites located at at 28.2°E.

These are the same satellites as use for the UK TV channels on Freesat.

Currently (2020) these satellites are : Astra 2EAstra 2F, and Astra 2G .

The free UK TV channels offered b y the likes of  BBC ITV C4 and Five all use the same satellites and frequencies no matter what system (Sky or Freesat), you use.

There is no individual Sky or Freesat satellite.

Neither Freesat or Sky own the satellites. They, and the various channel owners and operators “rent” transponders (frequencies) from SES Astra, the satellite owners and operators.

You can receive these UK satellite TV signals in Spain, as long as you have the right sized satellite dish for your location in Spain. As Spain is on the outer footprint of the Astra 2 coverage, reception of channels will depends where exactly you are in Spain, and what size satellite dish you are using.