Youview is UK TV service, that connects to both a TV aerial and the internet to provide UK TV channels.

Live TV is provided by the TV aerial connection via the Freeview TV system.

Catch UP and On Demand TV is provided by the internet connection.


Youview in Spain

As Youview is a service designed for the UK, and that the live TV signals require access to the UK Freeview service, you cannot use a Youview set top box in Spain for live UK TV.

Only the on demand and catch up TV services are available via a internet connection, in conjunction with a UK TV Router running a VPN service.


Youview Set Top Box

Youview Set Top Box

Above is one of the Humax Youview set top boxes available, the Humax DTR-T1000 set top box. If your set top box does not have the “Youview ” logo on it, then you do not have an official Youview receiver.

ScrollBack TV
The seven day ScrollBack guide brings together a whole week of catch up from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. It can be tricky to watch TV on a laptop or PC. So we’ve put catch up where it should be, on your TV. Simply scroll back through the guide and select your favourite show. That’s all there is to it.

On Demand
The service has a library of on demand programmes, series, films and radio. Looking for some inspiration or a particular type of programme? Explore the on demand library to find a recent film or that classic episode you love watching again and again.  The on-demand players available are BBC iPlayer (free), All4 (free), ITV Player (free), Demand 5 (free), Milkshake! (free, children’s programming from Channel 5), Now TV (paid for, premium movies) and UKTV (includes; Dave, Really and documentary based channel Yesterday.) A minimum broadband speed of 3Mb/s for the “on Demand” services.

Record, pause, rewind TV
Two of your favourite programmes on at the same time? With a Youview set top box you can record one show while watching another, or two while you’re watching a third from the on demand library or MyView. Phone ringing? Missed a bit? Pause the programme you’re watching, or rewind to watch again.



How to connection your Youview Set Top Box Receiver to your TV, Internet, and TV aerial in the UK