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World Cup chaos on Nilesat in Mid-East — 1 Comment

  1. ITV’s transmission glitch that saw 1.5 million fans miss England’s opening World Cup goal pales in comparison to problems at al-Jazeera which has suffered a string of broadcast issues including alleged sabotage.

    Al-Jazeera, the Doha-based satellite company, has exclusive pay-TV rights to broadcast World Cup matches to much of the Middle East and North Africa.

    The company is charging up to $150 (�101) for special one-month World Cup subscription packages or cards to see the feed.

    However coverage in the first week has been plagued by problems including blank screens and pixelated images. Loss of picture and sound affected the opening match, between South Africa and Mexico, and ties between Argentina v Nigeria and England v the USA. Transmission issues have remained sporadic since.

    Al-Jazeera said that its broadcasts carried by Egypt’s NileSat and Saudi Arabia’s Arabsat were deliberately jammed, although the company did not say by whom.

    “Al-Jazeera Network is currently investigating the sabotage of the transmission of the 2010 Fifa World Cup coverage that was deliberately jammed on the Nilesat satellite,” said a spokesman for the company. “Al-Jazeera is taking every possible measure to uncover those behind the incident and to hold them responsible for the interruption of the signal that affected its audience in Middle East and North Africa region”

    Al-Jazeera said Fifa had “extended its support” to the company and had “condemned the sabotage”.

    The spokesman said that the broadcaster will continue to provide “unparallelled coverage of the tournament and will make every effort to provide uninterrupted service during this World Cup”.

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