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Here is the latest news about the sudden loss of Al Jazeera Sports not being able to show all 3pm Premier League kick offs live on a Saturday afternoon.

“The changes to the English Premier League will only affect Saturday 3pm kick-offs, which means that we can only show one live Saturday 3pm GMT match in each match week,” the broadcaster, Al Jazeera Sports, customer service centre said.

As it currently stands Al Jazeera Sports can show all the 3PM kick offs, but delayed and not live. Al Jazeera Sports customer service centre said “We are still able to show all games on delay, which means that the game must not start until two hours after its original kick-off time. All other games are unaffected.”

Al Jazeera Sports presenter Richard Keys, responding to question on social media, takes the line “We are working on it!”

The Premier League is said to have limited the number of games Al Jazeera broadcasts until the channel puts provisions in place to prevent its material being pirated. The majority of piracy in the UK is said to stem from Al Jazeera’s Premier League broadcasts, and the broadcasts being made available in pubs in the UK, according to a report.


Update: 30 Nov:


For our clients with JSC cards expecting to watch all the Premier League matches , we can only apologize. This is out of our control. We can only hope that JSC Sports and the Premier League come to some sort of arrangement that allows JSC to return to screening all matches, although at the moment this does look doubtful.

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  3 Responses to “Al Jazeera Sports and 3pm Premier League Kick offs – the latest”

  1. Why don’t the EPL go after the pub’s in UK, They only need one strongly worded letter and I would expect it to be stopped, the threat of legal action maybe enough ?

  2. The EPL do – hence the Portsmouth pub landlady vs FA case a few years ago, so they do check pubs. But better to go after the source…rather than hundreds of pubs.

  3. An Update from today:
    Twitter: Will Al Jazeera Sports be showing all the Premier League games again this weekend or will we have the same limited games problem again?
    Richard Keys : Same John. But we are working to sort it out.

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