Feb 212015

As posted previously ( and ) users of Sky+HD digiboxes have been suffering from some problems. These Sky+HD problems include digiboxes freezing and locking up, slow response to remote control commands, and slow loading Sky Guide and Planner details.

Today Sky released another statement acknowledging the problems, and that they have “found out what’s causing the problem” and that they are “busy working to fix this now”.


If you have a Sky+HD box in your home, we know you may have had some problems recently and we’re sorry that you may have experienced any of the following:
•Your TV Guide listings have been slow to update.
•Series Links have stopped working causing problems recording future episodes of your favourite shows.
•If you own a Pace or Samsung Sky+HD box it may have become unresponsive.

You can temporarily fix these problems yourself by following the steps in our Problems with your TV Guide and Series Link article.

We’ve found out what’s causing the problem and we’re busy working to fix this now. We know this has been frustrating for you. We’ll give you an update as soon as we have any more information to share, this will be early next week.

In the ean time, they say you can temporarily fix the problems your self by unplugging and rebooting your Sky+HD box.


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