Jan 262017

Sky has unveiled plans to launch a new dish-less Sky TV subscription service.

The service will be distributed to clients via a Sky Q box and is in response to the success of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The new service will mean that viewers in homes where a satellite dish cannot be installed to be able to access the full Sky subscription service.

Sky already offer a limited service of its channels via its Now TV box. Customers can currently use the Now TV broadband service to watch a limited range of Sky channels without a dish, but the new offering will allow access to potentially all of its 270 channels.

It follows a successful response to Sky Q with more than one million boxes in around 600,000 homes in the UK, leading to customers watching 10% more TV compared to those with Sky+.

The initiative, which could open up about 2m homes in the UK for Sky to target, comes as the company revealed that the rate of customers defecting to rivals has climbed significantly.

The new service delivered through a Sky Q box over broadband, the service is expected to launch in the UK in 2018.

Further planned improvements to Sky Q include the introduction of voice search, greater personalisation and the ability to record six shows while watching a seventh live.

Sky TV customers will still be able to watch service via a satellite dish, using a Sky digibox or Sky HD digibox.

Note for people living in Spain : the new Sky Q service will rely on internet connections to Skys UK services, so some form of VPN or Smart DNS service will still be required.


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