Dec 082017

Premier League TV Packages revealed

The Premier League has issued the tender document for the television rights to its fixtures for the 2019-22 seasons.

The Premier League will make 200 of its 380 matches a year available, 42 more than at present, with three rounds of midweek and one of Bank Holiday games accounting for all but two of the additional fixtures.

The 2019 season will also herald the advent of regular Saturday night Premier League football, with eight matches per season on offer under a three-year contract

The 200 matches have been divided into seven packages, A to G, with the first five featuring traditional kick-off times and the eight Saturday 7.45pm games.

The seven packages available:

Package A
32 matches – Saturday 12.30pm

Package B
32 matches – Saturday 5.30pm

Package C
24 matches – Sunday 2pm. 8 matches – Saturday 7.45pm

Package D
32 matches – Sunday 4.30pm

Package E
24 matches – Monday 8pm or Friday 7.30-8pm. 8 matches – Sunday 2pm

Package F
All 20 matches – from one Bank Holiday and one midweek fixture programme

Package G
All 20 matches – from two midweek fixture programmes

Sky and BT are expected to be the key players in the auction early in 2018

But indications that the internet giants, like Amazon and Gogole, are still testing the water of live sport and the forthcoming auction for Premier League rights is too soon for them.


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